Swimming Story. Little Leah - image

Swimming Story. Leah and the Pool. Track Little Leah’s Progress

Swimming  Story.  Track little Leah’s progress


Swimming Story.  Little Leah’s Progress!


Swimming Pool Story - Leah's first visit - image

Swimming Story - Little Leah goes underwater - image

Swimming Story. Little Leah meets a new teacher - image

Swimming Story. Little Leah floats away - image

Swimming Story. Little Leah meets Santa

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Swimming Story. A little interlude from the Shamoshelimyticletite!
A story about little Leah’s experiences in the pool, supported by Mummy and Daddy and her three three sisters.  Little Leah’s ups and downs and the treats that were awarded her during her learning! This is a swimming story with a difference.   It’s little Leah that makes the story.  It’s kind of based on real life story.



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Love my family, (all water babies), my maltese dog. I like writing about my passions including lost lidos, sport of diving, heritage, learning to play boogie, and now having a go at some fiction writing.