The Feeling was I woke up this morning with no time for yawning

The Feeling

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The Feeling

I woke up this morning with no time for yawning.
Today I must tackle in haste.
Washing and cleaning, till everything is gleaming
There just isn’t time to waste.

One thing’s for certain,  I must mend that curtain
With which my cat likes to play.
But then I’ve forgotten to get the right cotton,
Oh how will I get through the day?

The carpet’s in tatters and it certainly matters
‘Cause you step on it right by the front door.
I must get a mat to cover the tat
‘Cause I don’t want to end on the floor.

I must cook extra food,  to top up my brood,
Time is the essence of today.
I must washdown the doors, sweep all the floors
And wipe all the dust away.

I pick up the phone to ask hubby to come home,
I cannot go on anymore
My suitcase is packed and this is a fact,
I shall soon be out of that door.

Time finally has come,  when all has been done
To try and save the day.
My husband rushes in,  he’s all in a spin,
-Our baby is on the way!


©Anne Geen Jessel
“Shared Lives” Anthology
Anchor Books 1995



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