Folk Tale a about a Mysticle Mighty Mammoth, mysterious and intriguing

01:48 Folk tale… Folk tale features: If you prefer to LISTEN,  Anne tells!  Chapter titles lead to the written pages, with audio also. May need to Double click ? the audios   Anne’s Introduction Story Introduction Chapter 1 – “Ollie and Eddie’s Surprise Encounter! Chapter 2 –  “An Astonishing Turn of Events!” Chapter 3 – […]


Rattling Draughts? The Man Behind the Flap by Anne Green Jessel

From the time he could walk, my inventive husband Richard Victor Jessel has always been something of a inventive doodler and “ideas” man. As a child, the local villagers used to entrust him with their faulty clocks to get them going again! He was so irritated by my cat flap blowing – he did something […]


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