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Fantasy Adventure – Magical Chapters. Mysterious, Enchanting.

Fantasy Adventure – Magical Chapters start the tale

Fantasy Adventure,  mysterious enchanting, slightly scary!


Fantasy Adventure = . Eddie and Ollie encounter Old Judas - Chapter 1 - image

Chapter 1 – “Ollie and Eddie’s Surprise Encounter!

Fantasy Adventure. An astonishing turn of events - Chapter 2 - image

Chapter 2 – “An Astonishing Turn of Events!”

Fantasy Adventure. The Citadel and Powgence Stone - Chapter 3 - image

Chapter 3 – “A Powerful Jewel Shines Over All”

FantasyAdventure. The MAPS have a responsibility - Chapter 4 - image

Chapter 4 – “The MAPS Have A Deeply Responsible Duty”

Fantasy Adventure - A Mighty Powerful Mission - Chapter 5 - image

Chapter 5- “A Mighty Powerful Magical Mission”

Fantasy Story. A risky scary mission - Chapter 6 - image

Chapter 6 – “A Risky Scary Investigation”

fantasy Adventure. Surprises in the tunnel - image
Chapter 7 – “Surprises in the Tunnel”

Fantasy adventure. The Thorsotates are worried - image
Chapter 8 – “The Thorsotate People are worried”

Fantasy Adventure. The Iron Duke Ebuke emerges Chapter 9 - image

Chapter 9  – “The Iron Duke and his Troops come to light” 

Fantasy Adventure. Ebuke reveals his plot - image

Chapter 10 – “The Pettapedes Learn of Ebuke’s Plot”


Adventure story. Heros welcome back to cavenarea - image
Chapter 11 – “Heros welcome awaits General Gallisum and Pettapedes”

Fantasy Adventure - forest creatures keep order - image
Chapter 12 – “Forest Creatures keep order after a heart rending decision”

Forces within the Little People - image

Chaper 13 – The Little People felt a fierce force within them

Call up for attack - image
Chapter 14 –   Battle Plans for attack

working the land - image
Chapter 15 –  Working the land in industrialised Cavenarea


battle plans. to conquer Dictator Ebuke - imageChapter 16-  Sergeant Willison and Major Forcitude lead the Armies


Marching thrugh the tunnels - image

Chapter 17
Marching through the tunnels preparing for attack


Chapter 18 – Decision Day for the invasion of Cavenarea

Operation battle begins
Chapter 19 – Operation Battle begins

Go go go CHARGE commands General Gallisum - image
Chapter 20 – Go Go Go CHARGE! the General’s ultimate command

war of the enemy - image
Chapter 21 – War of the Enemy begins

Combat in full force - image

Chapter 22 – Combat is in full force. The Warriors are tipped and tossed

Fantasy Adventure - Old Judas Hugglebottom - image

“What happens next?”  cried the boys. To continue…


Adventure was always in Eddie and Ollie’s mind. Soon…a surprise encounter



Anne Green Jessel

Love my family, (all water babies), my maltese dog. I like writing about my passions including lost lidos, sport of diving, heritage, learning to play boogie, and now having a go at some fiction writing.