Folk Tale a about a Mysticle Mighty Mammoth, mysterious and intriguing

Folk tale…join Eddie and Ollie on their mysterious adventure. Told by their very precious friend Old Judas Hugglebottom





Folk tale features: If you prefer to LISTEN,  Old Judas allows Anne to read!  Chapter titles lead to the written pages, with a few audios also. May need to Double click ? the audios


Anne’s Introduction

Story Introduction

Folk tale. Eddie and Ollie encounter Old Judas - Chapter 1 - image

Chapter 1 – “Ollie and Eddie’s Surprise Encounter!

Folk tale. An astonishing turn of events - Chapter 2 - image

Chapter 2 –  “An Astonishing Turn of Events!”

Folk Tale. The Citadel and Powgence Stone - Chapter 3 - image

Chapter 3 – “A Powerful Jewel Shines Over All”

Folk Tale. The MAPS have a responsibility - Chapter 4 - image

Chapter 4 – “The MAPS Have A Deeply Responsible Duty”

Folk Tale - A Mighty Powerful Mission - Chapter 5 - image

Chapter 5- “A Mighty Powerful Magical Mission”

Folk Tale. A risky scary mission - Chapter 6 - image

Chapter 6 – “A Risky Scary Investigation”

Folk Tale. Surprises in the tunnel - image

Chapter 7 – “Surprises in the Tunnel”

Folk Tale. The Thorsotates are worried - image

Chapter 8 – “The Thorsotate People are worried”

Folk Tale. The Iron Duke Ebuke emerges Chapter 9 - image

Chapter 9
  – “The Iron Duke and his Troops come to light” 

Folk Tale. Ebuke reveals his plot - image

Chapter 10 – “The Pettapedes Learn of Ebuke’s Plot”

Folk Tale. Heros welcome back to cavenarea - image

Chapter 11 – “Heros welcome awaits General Gallisum and Pettapedes”

Folk Tale - forest creatures keep order - image

Chapter 12 Part 1 & 2 pod

“Forest Creatures keep order after a heart rending decision”


Folk Tale. Forces within the Little People - image

Chaper 13 – The Little People felt a driving force within them

Folk Tale. Call up for attack - image
Chapter 14 –   Battle Plans. The Cavenarians will be prepared 

Folk Tale. Working the land - image
Chapter 15 –  Working the land in industrialised Cavenarea

Folk Tale. Battle plans. to conquer Dictator Ebuke - imageChapter 16-  Sergeant Willison and Major Forcitude lead the Armies

Folk Tale. Marching thrugh the tunnels - image

Chapter 17
Marching through the tunnels preparing for attack

Folk Tale. Ebuke names the day for invasion-image
Chapter 18 – Decision Day for the invasion of Cavenarea

Folk Tale. Operation battle begins
Chapter 19 – Operation Battle begins

Folk Tale. Go go go CHARGE commands General Gallisum - image
Chapter 20 – Go Go Go CHARGE! the General’s ultimate command

Folk Tale. War with the enemy - image
Chapter 21 – War of the Enemy begins

Folk Tale. Combat in full force - image

Chapter 22 – Combat is in full force. The Warriors are tipped and tossed

Folk Tale. Amass with fallen Warriors - image
Chapter 23 –   The land was amass with fallen Warriors

Folk Tale - Honey making assignment - image
Chapter 24 –  Honey making assignment for the Cavenarian Little Housewives

Fantasy Adventure - Old Judas Hugglebottom - image

“What happens next?”  cried the boys. This fantasy adventure to continue…


Folk Tale is an adventure into an intriguing, enchanting magical woodland,  with an experience one can’t believe! This folk tale tells of the surprise encounter of two young boys with a beguiling aged magnetic soul. He brought into their world the most majestic, wondrous, mysterious mammoth.
The astonishing creature bestowed peace and calm over his subjects. Until…one day a frightening threat came along bringing much turbulence and restlessness.

This folk tale told by Old Judas  tells of dangerous journeys to be undertaken, but other protective sources helped them through the way. Were the subjects of Shamoshelimyticleletite able to survive?”

A lovely story with a mix of emotions, survival tactics, and characters, some of which could be taken into your heart. Audios will be added to each chapter.  Might take ages!  but its fun and I want to do it!

Old Judas Hugglebottom, a great storyteller, describes the Woolly Mammoth Shamoshelimyticleletite. A wondrous magnificent beast with powers beyond all imagination.. He was the Protector of the Little People of Cavenarea.  Eddie and Ollie were captivated.

Cavenarea was a gentle land where the Amorites…or Little people peacefully went about their daily routines.  Messengers Shamoshiggins’ picked up mumblings about possible attack on Cavenarea. Threats were rumoured that Dictator Ebuke, the iron Duke of Thorsotania, a land far away, was threatening to invade Cavenaria and take the terrain as his own. He ruled his own land with an iron fist and the Thorsotates were under the shadow of this ruthless,  unmerciful leader.  There was no colour in Thorsotania.  It was a chilling land with regimented and grey existence.

With undercover investigations the fate of Cavenarea was revealed.

The Cavenarian Little people became unsettled and agitated. They had no idea about battle or revenge. How would they defend themselves? Their beloved Protector Shamoshelimyticleletite oozed much needed calm.

The wondrous mammoth safeguards his kingdom, but with very painful forfeit. Cavenaria became transformed from the “free from strife” harmonious land to an industrialised mechanical automated homeland.  Unknown forces from the Shamoshelimyticletite had driven the Amorites into action.  They prepared for combat.

Old Judas carried on with his detailed story. Eddie and Ollie were drawn into the mood and excitement. They were very reluctant to be sent home each day.

The Cavenarian Army with the help of the Forest Creatures eventually manoeuvred and manipulated entry into Ebuke’s fortress.   With skill and tactics he was hunted down. The Land of Cavenaria had conquered,   but sadly they were not to know then what happened to their beloved Protector…the Shamoshelimyticleletite….storytime will tell…

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