Jewel shining powerfully over Cavenarea named the Powgence Stone


Chapter 3

A Powerful Jewel Shines Over All

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Hours that the Jewel shines would become the magical existence of the land of Cavenarea. The next day after spending the day with compelling Old Judas Hugglebottom, the boys had fuelled themselves for further tales about the unique colossal beast and the Land he protected. They were full of excitement and anticipation. Their school vacation was surely not going to be a dull one! Through Judas’s eyes they would feel involved, surrounded by the hills and caves of Cavenarea and seeing through their own eyes, the awesome beast lighting up the heavens with flashing purple rays.
In his soft dulcet tones Old Judas continued…

“The Amorite Parliament, the name given to the Smart Little people who represented the Shamoshelimyticleletite, were in a state of unrest. This went against everything the population of Cavenarea had stood for.
An undercover chief messenger Teleleggit who worked under the Amorite Parliament, had heard rumours that Cavenarea was to be invaded. This was very disturbing news.

Ebuke thought himself a supreme leader and fought with vengeance for what he wanted. He wouldn’t stop at anything to seize the wondrous power of the Shamoshelimyticeletite’s beautiful magnificent jewel…the Powgence Stone. This remarkable jewel was injected with the power of the mighty gentle giant, and constantly shone over the Amorites, radiating intelligent light. This transmitted a wealth of beauty, happiness and colour into their lives. He was a jealous man and could not bear the thought of the Amorites having such comfortable lives. He hated their ways of survival, freedom and values.

The Amorite Government — the Smart Little People — who guided the Lovely Little People of Cavenarea, were responsible for keeping the calm. They were duty bound in their Parliament for disciplined, organized, constructive order throughout the Shamoshelimyticleletite’s subjects. They were a gentle race and hadn’t a fighting bone in their bodies.

The Lovely Little People population looked up to and trusted the MAP’s which stands for… Members of the Amorite Parliament.
The MAPs were recognizable from the clothing they wore. Woven by the citizens, these were in the rich colours of reds, blues, oranges and yellows, in keeping with the code of the Shamoshelimyticleletite. They wore black wigs and a white beret signalling authority. An extra adornment being a heart shaped white motif meaning love for the Cavenarian Little People.

The Amorite Protector Army guarded the powerful and priceless Powgence Stone jewel which stood in all its majesty outside the Great High Hall of the Citadel, headquarters of the MAPS. This gigantic iridescent orange jewel with a brilliance of outstanding form stood 10000 hands tall. It effused the power of intelligent light on behalf of their great Leader.

During Sun down a wonderful orange glow transmitted over the Lovely Little People, keeping them safe. By Sun up the Stone effused a golden brightness over the land of Cavenarea. If the Powgence Stone was moved, even the slightest budge, the powerful light would be extinguished. Without this, the mighty beast, the beloved Shamoshelimyticleletite, would lose his own energizing electrifying power that bestowed peace and calm over the Little People. The Land of Cavenarea would become a dull restless turbulent nation.

The Lovely Little People of Cavenarea bowed to the Shamoshelimyticleletite and showed their allegiance by wearing colourful clothing, representative of the Kingdom, for indeed they looked upon the gentle giant as their King. At all times they wore a red heart shaped motive on their clothing in respect of their Leader. They relied on the MAPs to maintain the peace they had known for millions of sun orbits and more. With the great Powgence Stone radiating its settling calming sparkling light, the Amorite population were content with their life style.

Their peaceful way of living would not have the strength or knowledge on how to enter any kind of combat. They had always been beholden to their mighty leader the Shamoshelimyticleletite who protected them. Under the powers of their King, and the intelligent light of the Powgence Stone, the Lovely Little People calmly went about their daily tasks. Some were cave dwellers, in the sandy rocky regions of Cavenarea. They crafted fallen branches, or indeed using the art of coppicing sing to build their comfortable homesteads.

The Little People farmed the lush green meadows, tending the quietly grazing cattle and sheep, generations of them, using their inherited knowledge which had been fed down through the ages. They wove wool and plant fibres into clothing, plucking hair from sheep, or plant fibres, and rolled them into lengths, spinning and twirling from a stone, just as their ancestors taught them.


Nimble fingers tied each length together fashioning into basic clothing. Animal hides were dried and cut into shapes using sharp rock splinters. Forbearers had handed on great knowledge using plants to create colour for clothing. Crops were grown for their own and their children’s food. They sought the honeycombs in the forests to make honey and wine There was very little trading. They survived for themselves and helped others in need or when commissioned to provide. The Little People of Cavenarea were totally self-sufficient. It was an idyllic existence.

The Teleleggit’s source of information did indeed cause great fear to the Amorite Parliament and caused much agitation. Even worse, word had leaked out amongst the population of Cavenarea….” Old Judas paused.
The two boys suddenly became aware of the silence which jolted them back to “now” time. The gentle aged man was looking intently towards them, his blue purple eyes holding expression of softness. They widened as the boys looked back at him with a questioning gaze.”

Old Judas could see they wanted him to continue but he felt that he had told them enough for that day. Judas himself felt a wave of intense fatigue. Story telling with such intensity took much energy. He too felt that he had given enough for that day. Eddie and Ollie would be back. Judas Hugglebottom had lots more to tell and judging by the boy’s unwillingness to depart they would find it difficult to hold on until the next day.

The boys forced themselves to make their way back home. The Shamoshelimyticleletite was etched deeply in their minds. Eddie and Ollie knew that all night they’d be wondering and dreaming about the Amorites and the Powgence Stone.

Oh they couldn’t wait to return. What a long night it would be. They raced with great speed back home, hoping it would bring the next day much faster!



“The Maps have a deeply responsible duty”


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