Mammoth Great is described by Old Judas. Astonishing and mysticle


Chapter 2

An Astonishing Turn of Events

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The Mighty beast and all his wonder was on the boys’ mind. They were filled with excitement. Their hearts were racing as the sweet smell of smouldering kindling became closer. They were nearly there! SO eager to meet up with old Judas once again…they couldn’t wait to hear what he would be telling them.

They rushed through the trees until they came to the tiny clearway. There, stood in front of them was the leaning shack, with Old Judas sitting inside pensively chewing on a piece of grass. As Eddie and Ollie approached the entrance, he raised one eye and stood up slowly. He rolled his shoulders around a few times to ease stiffness. Old Judas was pleased to welcome them, and he pointed towards a grassy mound for them to sit. Ollie remembered this particularly well, for the last time he sat there, he’d suffered a sore ankle.

Eddie reached into his pocket and brought out Judas’s worn scarf of bright purple which had been secretly washed and dried by Ollie’s his own hands. He dipped into his other pocket and produced a bright yellow cloth scarf bought with their saved pocket money and presented both to old Judas. Judas raised his rugged brow and nodded, acknowledging the gesture. He took his scarf, along with the gifted one, and promptly wound both around his neck.

The boys waited in anticipation. They were about to enter a magical world of the mighty beast. They watched as Judas sat himself down with them and begin telling them about this wondrous enchanting creature — a woolly mammoth — the mighty beast, the Shamoshelimyticleletite.

The old man started off quietly describing the legend of the great mammoth. He made it clear that it was only the specialness of the boys that would allow him to share and unfold the mysterious existence of this gentle but powerful giant. Its name must roll from Eddie and Ollie’s tongue with a degree of fluidity before divulging the noble secrets that lay within.

The boys on pronouncing Shamoshelimyticleletite found it difficult. They maneuvered their tongues around the magnitude of the name. They asked Judas if they could stop at “Shamos”, or “Woolly Mammoth” Judas shook his head and explained by doing so they would be depleting the very essence of the character belonging to the Shamoshelimyticleletite, and that certainly would not do.

Determined to hear about the gentle mammoth, Eddie and Ollie practised and practised…Shamosticletite –Shamoshelilyticletite — Shamoshelilyticlemite — Shamosticklehelitite — and finally… Shamoshelimyticleletite! at last!


Old Judas was happy they understood the significance of the name of the mighty beast, which was so obvious by the effort the boys had shown to get it right. Their grasping of it became music to his ears. Eddie and Ollie with the phenomenal mega name of Shamoshelimyticleletite going around and round in their minds, looked expectantly across at Old Judas. The lovable old man threw his head on one side and gave one of his few broad smiles. His eyes twinkled as he started to describe the mighty mammoth.

“In the distant cavernous hills in the Land of Cavenarea a huge mighty beast standing at least 1800 hands tall, from ground to ears, was spotted. A woolly beast that surpassed all manner of nature’s species. He was vividly coloured in red and blue, with oranges and yellows blending together all over his woolly layered coat. What was extraordinary was that three mouths could be seen amongst the curls of his red beard. Three sets of sparkling white teeth dazzled extensively, so much so they could be seen many fields far away. They radiated beams of white bright light over the mountain tops and high into the clouds above.

Eyes shone from almost beyond the horizon, emitting rays of fluorescent purple. The right eye turned inwards and shone more than the other, as if in communication with its counterpart. The Shamoshelimyticleletite stood on striking woolly legs, not at all in proportion to the rest of his body. They enabled the great mammoth to stride distances of twenty fields or more with just one bold step. He possessed a tail that was astounding. Amazingly massive, it could be seen swishing from side to side sending out a message that he was present and that HE was the greatest leader of all. He was a magnificent creature.

Brilliant rays of purple shone from his tail. Remarkably, these were from a second set of eyes embedded within the folds of its form, surveying the scene around him. Flashing purple rays beamed up into the heavens giving a purple glow to the sky. This signalled messages of Protectorship over his territory, the Land of Cavenarea. Because indeed the Shamoshelimyticleletite was the peoples’ Great Protector.

The mammoth was a secret beast and roamed around mainly at night. If he should be glimpsed during sun up time, the saying went he will bring future wealth in happiness and contentment for those that surely witness sightings of him. From afar they’d become spellbound from the piercing luminous eyes injecting love, concord and tranquillity. Momentarily the world stands still for them, and there is an enveloping peace, which transported beings into a beautiful world where no harm is done.

As the woolly mammoth Shamoshelimyticleletite retreats into the hillside, the real world comes to light once again but with much more significance for those who had spotted him. The mammoth had left behind even more senses of well-being and order. Such persons are very fortunate indeed. “

Eddie and Ollie were totally bewitched listening to Old Judas’s tale. They sat mesmerized with every word and felt transported into the private world of the Shamoshelimyticleletite. Their imaginations were such that Judas’s magnetic and expressive softness drew them into a fantasy association with the beguiling creature.

Suddenly, the boys were wrenched from the mysterious legend, startled by Judas snapping a finger or two indicating it was time for them to go home. He felt they had been given too much insight for one day. They’ll soon be back for more, after all, this was only the beginning of their summer holidays. Eddie and Ollie stood up stretching their legs and arms — they hadn’t moved for at least two sleeps, so it seemed.

They reluctantly moved towards the clay hut opening and bid Judas farewell. They’d be back the next day. The boys yearned to be taken back into the fantasy land of the woolly mammoth Shamoshelimyticleletite…or with deep thought…WAS it really fantasy? it seemed SO real.


A Powerful Jewel shining over Cavenarea


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