General Gallisum and the Pettapede Army start their Mission

General Gallisum receives orders from High Minister Takute.

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Chapter 5


A Mighty Powerful Magical Mission

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Army General Gallisum were to fill the boy’s minds with anticipation and excitement. The boys next morning had an exciting day ahead and were eagerly awaiting to again be transported into the Land of the Shamoshelimyticleletite. Judas was pleased to welcome Eddie and Ollie again. They had become his very close friends within his normal lone life. He sat down his old bones and, chewing on a piece of straw he continued in his usual magnetic expressive style…

“High Minister Takute urgently summoned his government. The Shamoshiggins messengers had delivered orders from the Shamoshelimyticleletite. The MAPS had gathered around the hefty table under the golden rays and intelligent light of the Powgence Stone and debated and planned what was to be done. It was imperative to find out the real nature of the rumours. Ebuke’s proposals, timings and any devious manoeuvres had to be investigated.

High Minister Takute called for a meeting with Army Chief of Staff Army General Gallisum and the Shamoshelimyticleletite’s Head Messenger, Shamoshiggins. They met in the Map Room to discuss the mission of the exercise to investigate the possible fate of Cavenarea. High Minister Takute would be using the government’s secret weapons – a band of mystic incredible creatures – the Pettapedes would be assigned to investigate.

This incredible army would be led by Army General Gallisum. The Pettipedes were closely connected with the Shamoshelimyticleletite by telepathic means but… only in the territory of the Amorites. Their King, the splendid woolly mammoth would guide them to the shadowy chilling Land of the Thorsotates but from then on, they would have to rely on their own supernatural gifts.

Led by Army General Gallisum, the eight legged carnivores would march slowly and silently through the low lying vegetation and undergrowth. Telepathically they’d be receiving directions from the Shamoshelimyticleletite who by way of his calming light would lead them towards the Land of Thorsotania.

General Gallisum would be mindful that all thought transferences would gradually decrease once advancing closer towards the destination of the Iron Duke Dictator Ebuke. He and the Pettapede Army would find themselves alone and would then call upon and rely on their other mighty forces.

Grinding teeth from side to side, using enormous power, the Pettapedes would gradually become camouflaged blending into the surroundings, and eventually become invisible. But until these mighty powers were needed, they would follow their General cautiously. Any enemies would be oblivious to the presence of the Pettapede Army, once entering Ebuke’s land.

Takute conferred with the Shamoshelimyticleletite’s messengers and orders were given.

He was to command General Gallisum and the Pettapede Army to start the mission during the next sleep. As sun down was falling, General Gallisum rounded up the Pettapede Army and after long preparation they set out on their journey. The Shamoshelimyticleletite with his great beams of purple light guided them into the forests and on the trail towards Thorsotania”…

…Eddie and Ollie were deep into the forest trail

“The trees were smiling down onto the army and as they swayed and rustled, they were communicating with the Creatures of the Forest that the mission had begun. The General had stationed himself ahead of his charges, and although the Pettapedes were highly trained, the General turned back now and again to check his special Army.

Surrounded with support from Forest Creatures… OneCorns, thirty hands high horse like creatures. Their fluorescent coats, in mixes of green and sandy with purple could be seen from afar. Cave dwelling Humdingers, wild, big and black, and the Albitrocioussii with wing spans of amazing breadth, as wide as a field. The Flying Battixiss, who soared, swooped, plummeted, pounced and hovered. The Pettapedes dutifully slithered and slid between the copses, their tiny eight legs helping them in and out of the undergrowth. They kept themselves closely undercover near giant rocks and stones set into the hillsides. They hid inside many nooks and crannies. By this time the Snackdors joined the force. Stumpy low lying animals who could whip a lump of rock high into the air with their powerful tails. Large looming Beastingbellars, boar like mortals kept “look out” over rolling peaks far away. Pigboys …a powerhouse, shuffled alongside the General and his Pettapede Army.

The gigantic Dinorino from a past world stood 2000 hands high. Striding over the valleys and hills he had telepathic connections with Shamoshelimyticleletite. A supreme and powerful giant he could be thought of as the wonder mammals Main Aid, checking, noting and reporting behind the scenes.

As day broke, they halted. Under the command of their General, the Pettapedes slid into various ingress’s, amongst ferns and bushes or sheltered under the boughs of the protective heavily foliaged trees. Concealed they slept. The Forest Creatures set up guard. Enhanced by the Shamoshelimyticleletite’s lead, they felt much confidence and encouragement, knowing very well what they were about in the critically important mission.

The mighty beast was very conscious that the Pettapedes needed to store their powerful reserves. They would have to summon every inch of their energy when using their extraordinary powers of camouflage once entered the dark world of Ebukian dictatorship. As further sun ups and sun downs arose, the luminous glow from the Protector beamed them the way to Thorsotania. General Gallisum led the noble Pettapedes in dignified style as one would expect from an Army Chief of Staff.”

Through the branches of the trees deep blue purple eyes shone conveying all was well. Eddie and Ollie were walking alongside the Forest Creatures. The boys became dazzled by huge eyes growing larger and wider, getting closer almost abutting them. Then followed an awareness of weight resting upon their shoulders. They felt gentle shaking.

Of course, realization dawned upon the boys. They opened their eyes and saw Old Judas’s face, his hands gently bringing them back into their own world. The boys slowly roused themselves from their great forest adventure. They brushed his beard lightly. The bright eyes amongst the trees had been the eyes of gentle Old Judas, now looking into theirs.

They reluctantly arose from their grassy mound and spontaneously threw arms around Judas’s waist feeling a comforting warmth. Judas responded with a light embrace. He knew without a shadow of a doubt they would hardly be able to wait to hear what happened next. His eyes followed them racing away through the trees. It’s as if the haste would bring tomorrow sooner. He sighed and gave a chuckle, turned around and spread out his old tartan blanket. Old Judas fell into a fitful and restless sleep.



“An overwhelming experience”


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