General Gallisum’s Pettapedes have an overwhelming experience

General Gallisum leads the Pettapede’s through the tunnel

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Chapter 6


A Risky Exciting Investigation Begins

Seeing the concerned expression on their faces Judas explained he hadn’t slept too well during the night, but having the boys come around was a joyous affair. As he started on continuing his story the boys could see his spirits starting to rise.

“The Pettapedes led by General Gallisum trusted the mighty Shamoshelimyticleletite. He was the most supreme of all beasts and with his powerful sense of perception, he’d lead them masterly in the great journey to Thorsotania. The Pettapede Army obeyed his directions. They twisted and turned in quick writhing movements. They followed the bright gashes of light which was forced and radiated from the strapping swishing tail of their great Protector. The Pettapedes dodged and steered, weaving in and out through potential hazards for twenty-eight sleeps.

Teams of Humdingers working to a timetable, relayed backwards and forwards. They had sources of food and water strapped to their backs. They followed the Army, providing water, beans and rice. The Soldier Aids had been collecting the parcels, and filling hide water containers from the Cavenarian housewives. The Aids had also made comfortable harnesses from wool and rope which the Humdingers wore.

The Shamoshiggins had sent word that these tough little beasts, who were cave dwellers themselves, would be the best carriers to negotiate small spaces. The OneCorns also added their weight by carrying multi back packs at a time, depositing them when narrow closed in rocky spaces presented themselves. The Humdingers would take over.

General Gallisum slowly became aware of a strangeness. The oozing light from the mighty mammoth, was slowly diminishing. After each repose following sun up, dimmer and dimmer it became. General Gallisum realized that this was the warning given by the Shamoshelimyticleletite that they were nearing their destination. They continued negotiating the irregular and rugged contours of the black hills and mountains, the trees signalling to each other and other inhabitants of the forests that the courageous army were due to pass by. They bowed their heads in respect as the Pettapedes slid by in silence, shifting the sheer weights of their bodies from one side to the other, their eight legs helping the balancing feat that was required.

They all knew the obscure Land of Thorsotania would soon be discovered. The light from the mighty Shamoshelimyticleletite had almost died away. The courageous General Gallisum and his army would soon be on their own apart the Humdingers bringing welcome food.

They continued with their journey. Telepathic signals received told them they were on the correct path. General Gallisum in matter of fact style mustered his army of Pettapedes into single line. It was nearing the time when to give orders to grind teeth from side to side which would render them invisible within their surroundings. However, their enormous powers enabled them to keep each other in view. They moved diligently inspecting the cragginess of the landscape.

Suddenly, there was the recognizable mighty rumble coming from the Shamoshelimyticleletite. A last burst of the great beast’s light pointed towards a bluff on the landscape. It looked like a rising bank or small hillock. From the outline in the blackness it didn’t look much different to what was already surrounding them but…the mighty beast held steady the all-important crucial beam. General Gallisum ventured closer. Sizing it up he realized it was indeed a very small looking insignificant opening in the rock. Exploration was needed. As he was about to signal his Army, the expected happened. Instantly, the weak beam of light coming from the Shamoshelimyticleletite’s tail waned completely. They found themselves in a blackout, they were on their own.

The Forest Creatures crowded round and guarded the entrance. The Pettapedes, using their extraordinary night time vision and blending themselves into the unwelcome blackness, followed their General and slid through the opening. Their mission had started. The Pettapedes had begun the operation of entering the Land of Thorsotania which, up until now the Thorsotates were the only living beings on the whole planet that knew of its existence…apart from the mighty Shamoshelimyticleletite of course and his messenger Teleleggit.

The narrow opening eventually gave way to a slightly wider labyrinth. The widening twisting tunnel of the cave would possibly lead them to the centre of the Thorsotates universe. The Pettapede Army could not sure of this however, so cautiously trod their way. The anti-clockwise direction of the black passage was interrupted with many series of steps cut from rock. General Gallisum directed his skilled charges. Their awesome agility abled manoeuvring themselves between the tunnel walls. Operation silence continued for two sleeps. The Pettapedes, without rest, paced on. Very unexpectedly in the distance there was a glimmer of green light. It was hardly visible — in fact unless possessing the acute eyesight known as belonging to the Pettapedes it would not have been noticed.

General Gallisum raised his hand to halt his charges. He realized they were venturing into the strange, mystifying and bewildering world of Thorsotania. The green light signified the beginning of an existence…. the very being of the Thorsotates. He thought long and hard. He then gave direction to continue, but in a slow sure and cautious manner.

As they crept along, the light became more dazzling and overwhelming.
For a while the General and his army became perplexed, spinning and confused, but as their eyes adjusted to the intense brilliance they recovered just enough to nobly carry on with their duty, both to their Protector the Shamoshelimyticleletite, and High Minister Takute, head of the Amorite Government.”
Eddie and Ollie were spellbound. Totally oblivious of their real world surroundings. They were transported into the lifesaving mission of unfolding and tracking down the information so crucial to save the People of Cavenarea. They just didn’t know what fate held in store for these Lovely Little People

The boys had been imagining themselves marching down the dark foreboding tunnel under guidance of General Gallisum. On seeing the bright light looming larger and larger as they approached, anticipation and excitement spiralled through their slight bodies. No one had entered this Land before. They ventured on in bewilderment and felt a weakness in their bones becoming more and more confused as the effusive green light enveloped their whole body. They were trembling, feeling short quick vibrating movements within their body.

A weight descended upon them and they cried out to each other, then…out of nowhere were conscious of a soft kindly speaking voice. This totally opposed the fact they could be in the world of the Thorsotates under Ebuke’s power.

NO! the boys had been mesmerized by the powers of old Judas’s story telling. Their dearest friend was gently shaking the boys to rouse them further, bringing them back into “now” time. They were brought back to earth with an unwelcome bump when Judas reminded them that they each had a home to return to!

The boys were concerned that Judas himself looked unusually drained and unhappy, but Eddie and Ollie thought perhaps it was because they needed to leave him. They nestled into him giving him a tight hug and received a vigorous ruffle of hair for their trouble. The old man gave a huge sigh. He seemed lost for a while as the boys disappeared, but then he knew better regarding his display of melancholia… it would all eventually fall into place. There was time enough.



Baffling surprises in the tunnel

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