Parliament in session. High Minister Takute leads the plan debate

Parliament sees the MAPS at work – the Smart Little People.  High Minister Takute leads.  A disapproving  roar of the Shamoshelimyticleletite causes chaos

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Chapter 4


MAPS Have a Deeply Responsible Duty

The boys awoke next morning, in a hurry to be with old Judas. They’d both slept, dreaming of the world that their dear friend had painted. The boys wondered what it would have been like to live in the Amorite Age and what about the Powgence Stone and its significance? the number of hours the Members of the Amorite Parliament — M.A.P.S worked under its powers.

Old Judas had only just touched upon their merits and virtues the boys certainly wouldn’t want to miss a thing, so… tell and explain to them he shall.

“The Powgence Stone” was the centre of the Cavenarian universe. It acted as a golden sun shining upon the kingdom of the Shamoshelimyticleletite. The huge mammoth being the Peoples Protector.
The Stone, a magnificent jewel, shone all the suns up and suns down, stood tall outside the high hall of the great Citadel, it’s light piercing from the high heavens through into the Citadel beaming out its golden light. Its jewel hours penetrated all robust stone walls and castellation’s everywhere, and beamed light all over the Land.
The Amorite Protector Army stood guard through every sun up and sun down. They looked smart and authorative in the red tunics.

The Great High Hall itself — the throne room, was as golden as the Stone, edged around with massively high marble pillars. Other than Parliament sessions no-one was allowed inside the Citadel. All discussions during parliament Assemblies were very private. The hierarchy of the Smart Little People — the Members of the Amorite Parliament MAPs, congregated in the anti-room. They then held their parliamentary debates on a high dais at one end of the vast high hall. Either side was tiered stone seating on which red deep cushions were scattered. Central to the tiers was a plinth inscribed The Amorite Parliament. The so called throne room was persistently bathed in a golden hue.

The High Minister Takute sat upon his high chair when presiding over his government. When in an office assembly, Head Minister Takute and his other Ministers encircled a large oblong pedestalled stone table, covered with a cloth flooded with the golden rays of the Powgence Stone. They worked diligently and tirelessly on their Nitty Gritty Charts.
These charts were analysed long and hard, breaking down all logical and illogical ideas for or against the responsibilities of the working Cavenarian citizens.

The Amorite Parliament, the Smart Little People, discussed the possible values, credit worthiness and constructiveness these functions would achieve in the interests of the Shamoshelimyticleletite’s subjects. They were not combaters themselves, their main purpose being working with the People and maintaining peace and order amongst the population who trusted and looked up to them.

The Shamoshelimyticleletite received daily updates brought to him by a special team of Shamoshiggins. The messengers ran back and forth and reciprocated by returning with agreements or disagreements from the great beast.

The MAPS would know immediately if they were not in favour by a prolonged resounding roar around the valleys and hills. High MinisterTakute dreaded the juddering within the high hall of the chambers, causing manuscripts, slates, diaries, schedules, to shift around from one end of the great table to the other. They needed a long enduring re-sort, and the MAPS had to start planning and debating all over again. The rumours of a possible attack and seize of power by Ebuke, Dictator of Thorsotania had to be investigated… and urgently.”

Eddie and Ollie sat transfixed listening to old Judas. He had captivated them and drawn them right into his story. They were living in the world of the Shamoshelimyticleletite. The boys had become so attached to the wondrous Protector and would fight to be involved in the safeguarding of the wonderful Little People of Cavenarea and the awesome mammoth forever.

Just as the enormous visualization of the Powgence Stone was conjuring up inside their minds, they were jolted back into reality. There was snapping of fingers. They were back inside the clay abode again in the presence of their very dear friend.

Old Judas in a shaky but kindly way helped them to their feet with a firm hand. He directed them towards the opening indicating it was time to go home until another day. The boys dragged their feet along not wanting to go, but they knew, having tried before, they wouldn’t be able to argue with the dear man… and reluctantly obeyed Old Judas’s marching orders.



“A Mighty Powerful Mission”



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