Iron Duke Dictator Ebuke’s Troops Come To Light and the Ruler Emerges

Iron Duke shows his light

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Chapter 9


The Iron Duke and his Troops come to light

Eddie and Ollie raced home. Supper, bed with lots of twisting and turning then breakfast. Visions of the Shamoshelimyticleletite was to fill their fitful sleep. They too wanted to join General Gallisum and the Pettapedes in their undertaking of duty seeking out any predestined and hostile announcements that Dictator Ebuke may be proposing. They wanted to be in with the action.

Breathless, the boys arrived at old Judas’s refuge. The old man was pottering around and soon spotted them. He appeared a little downhearted but soon brightened as Eddie and Ollie, one by one, hugged him around his worn and tattered clothed waist. It was a long long time since he had felt such love. Judas’s eyes filled with tears. Why? was it from joy? or was it from great loss he had endured throughout his long lifetime? With mix of emotions, he began slowly to take Eddie and Ollie into the next phase of the great journey.

The haunting stillness of the Thorsotate people was broken only by the Shwig shwig; Shwig shwig; Shwig shwig of boots grinding into the gravelly surface of the rocky terrain. The Watch Guards repeated their drill, marching on the spot. Left right; Left right; Left right; After the twelfth beat, they STAMPED to attention. They repeated this sequence over and over. In between these periods of exercise, the hushed atmosphere indicated an uncomfortable disquiet.

General Gallisum — although in hiding himself- —had his troop checking the hills continuously. The General had allocated a Prime Pettapede to slither back and forth to his hideaway to receive reports and deliver commands. The Pettapedes regularly ground their teeth to top up their invisibility powers, at the same time actuating extra visual power. Their penetrating eyes were extraordinary.

The Thorsotate people stirred when noticing a change of pattern in the Watch Guards routine. Their drilling on the spot for longer periods became apparent, eventually developing into continuous relentless…
Left right; Left right; Left right; Shwig shwig; Shwig shwig; Shwig shwig.

The Guards maintained unblinking stares, right through into the distance.
Out of nowhere an Army of marching soldiers could be heard amongst the grey ruggedness. In military precision steps could be heard echoing around the black hills. The Thorsotate People became unsettled. The sound of boots pacing through the rough terrain became closer.

The Thorsotates started to throng closely, some clinging tightly onto others. They knew some great news was about to be delivered. They were not surprised when the Army came into view. They appeared from around a promontory. They soon advanced and filed past and in front of the Watch Guards.

The soldiers carrying flags of the tyrant, Dictator Ebuke, took their positions upon the apron of flat terrain in front of the rampart. They formed four lines of twelve and all of them faced outwards into the distance. General Gallisum and the Pettapedes recognised them as belonging to the same battalion as encountered in the tunnel.

Luminous green outlines of helmets were seen bouncing along in rhythm. Green trimmings of well-padded long tunics spookily predominated the grey green hue of the light. They were hiding small evidence of drawers tucked into thigh high boots of hide. With halberds atilt, they stood to attention petrified as stone. Without doubt they were awaiting next orders for the next development.
General Gallisum and the Pettapedes were roused and puzzled by these happenings. The Pettapedes sharpened their wits even more and gazed fixedly towards the tyrant Ebuke’s men. Their extra perceptual eyes also scanned the valleys.

The unrest amongst the Thorsotate people became magnified by an apparent slight buffeting of land. Rocks began to fall displaced by the small tremors underfoot. Somewhere amongst the hills was a rumbling sound. Soon the rumbles gave way to muffling chinking as the sound moved closer. The chinking became more regular and clearer.

The General and the Pettapedes moved their heads rapidly from side to side looking for clues, eyes intensely scrutinising the scape before them. The chinking had a menacing tone and it was crucial to determine the cause. They caught sight of movement outlined in and out of the contours of the rugged terrain. The Pettapedes stiffened as they made out helmeted heads.

Soon, clanging in regular tempo could be heard, and as advancement from the distance came into full view, a hundred or so warriors could be seen. They were marching four abreast, the fine metal of their armour making no mystery of who was about to emerge onto the scene.

The sea of Thorsotates automatically divided, leaving a wide channel to provide a wide approach for the Warriors marching towards the rampart. Haunting sounds of

Chink chink; Chink chink; Chink chink

were heard over the valley at that moment. As the troop of Warriors advanced, a new section of forty marchers could be seen. Held high above the heads of each one, red flags could be seen, bearing the gaudy green intertwined initials “D.E”, the insignia of the Dictator Ebuke.

As if on cue, four of the Watch Guards about turned. They came face to face with the portal. They unbolted the heavy chain securing the blackened wooden bar across the hefty wooden doors, thus releasing its stronghold. The bar was pushed out of its grips and the vast doors were pushed open.

Inside the entrance the Watch Guards resumed the drill of stamping to attention. They remained stationary, awaiting orders for the next move. They fixed their eyes out towards the horizon. They were waiting… their long spears atilt pointing forwards.

The tireless Pettapedes noticed that beyond the first block of marchers carrying the tyrant Dictator Ebuke’s flags, there was break in uniformity.
A black carriage high enough to be seen over the rockiness, merged into the landscape. On closer investigation, at either end of the conveyance, a team of six Watch Guards were supporting the carriage. With the wide square poles resting heavily on their shoulders they continued marching faultlessly in military style. Sitting inside, an isolated figure could be seen, none other than… the Iron Ebuke, Oppressor and Dictator of Thorsotania.

Following behind, a second troop of forty Warriors marched four abreast. The metal of their fine chained armour jangled loudly adding to the foreboding atmosphere.

As the stone like figure of Ebuke passed by, the Thorsotate people showed their allegiance by standing with bowed heads. There was no cheering, no waving, just a stillness amongst the crowd, only interrupted by dark melancholia of sounds of armour. It was un-nerving. The Pettapedes turned their heads away for a second, there was awareness of movement from within the rampart.

They jumped as a huge bright green carpet rolled out from the top of the gangway. It unfurled towards the Pettapedes and they scurried away from its threatening direction.
The carpet spread beyond them and onto the apron of flat rocky gravel towards the soldiers of Ebuke. They, already standing to attention divided and shuffled themselves into two lines. They faced each other flanking either side of the approach. They marched on the spot

One two; One two; One two; and stamped to attention on the twelfth beat.

The first troop of Warriors on reaching the apron, divided and arranged themselves into two lines either side of Ebuke’s approach. They provided a guard in front of the Thorsotate people. Once stamped to attention they stood with bowed heads. Ebuke’s carrier neared the apron. The Watch Guards bearing the carriage lifted the poles from their shoulders and securely lowered its base to the ground. One Watch Guard left his station to open the side door. He was swiftly and arrogantly overtaken by Ebuke himself, who flung the door wide. Ebuke, the iron Dictator emerged.

On the command of General Gallisum once updated by Prime Pettapede, the Pettapedes had to act swiftly and scurried towards the carriage. They ground their teeth injecting more power into their invisibility and moved in behind. They had to keep close to this huge bulk of man who towered above his Warriors and people. He was a daunting figure. He was adorned in green from top to toe, with darker cloak draped around his shoulders trailing the ground behind him. He walked onto the carpet and in boisterous fashion strode towards the portal and through the open doors. The Pettapedes divided and scuttled either side of the Dictator.

They watched as he physically pushed aside the Watch Guards inside the entrance, making way for his passage. The tyrant Ebuke’s Guards, recovering their composure bowed deeply.

The Pettapedes by the thickness of their skins, only just got through. The lithe and agile movements with which they were blessed, just narrowly cleared them from the fiercely slamming shut vast doors behind them. Their closure echoing far out over the land.”

Eddie and Ollie had been transported into the green dull land. In their minds the alarming figure of the dreaded tyrant Ebuke appeared from every nook and cranny, every which way. What was this tyrant of a man planning? what about the future of the Shamoshelimyticleletite, the great Protector of the beautiful defenceless land of Cavenarea?

The boys felt perplexed and overwhelmed, then, as their angst was rising further, as if on cue, they saw the deep purple trusting eyes of the Shamoshelimyticleletite. They were transfixed, searching, penetrating, and peering into their eyes, as if telling them something. Slowly a calmness overtook them…of course! they were emerging from the world of Old Judas ‘s story telling.
They were leaving the alien world of Thorsotania, leaving the Thorsotate people, governed by Ebuke’s ruthless rule.

The boys began to simmer down as Judas’s trusting eyes radiated comfort and warmth. He was reinforcing a strong message that he hoped his story would reach a comfortable conclusion. Eddie and Ollie were now powerfully gripped. They would only be released when the story has reached its end. Old Judas must go on.
The boys wanted to stay with Old Judas, but he insisted they saw themselves home. Reluctantly they bade the old man farewell and began making their way back home.

Judas was left sitting deep in thought. There was a longing in him that wished oh so wished…. but then he sat up with a jolt. No harm must ever come to the boys. They had become his very special secret sharing precious friends



The Pettapedes learn of Ebuke’s plot


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