Warriors advance towards the fortress. Will Ebuke’s Plot be revealed?

Warriors are marching. Ebuke reveals his plot

Anne tells if you don’t want to read!

Chapter 10

The Pettapedes Learn of Ebuke’s Plot


Oh, oh oh what a restless night the two boys had. They were awake at the crack of dawn and eager to get to Old Judas. They’d tossed and turned from the early hours awaiting a reasonable time to get up and dressed. They hardly gave themselves time to taste their breakfast before they were off.

Racing through the woods, Eddie and Ollie couldn’t contain their excitement in hearing more about the Pettapedes mission into Thorsotania. Breathlessness the boys ran inside the old clay hut. Judas was pleased to see them and greeted them and as if no time to waste — he’d been waiting — once the boys had settled, he continued to relate his intriguing and mystifying tale.

“With General Gallisum in hiding, and Prime Pettapede sliding back and forth reporting and collecting his commands, the Pettapedes remained near the iron giant. They let no opportunity slip by for fear of losing connection with the Dictator.

With smooth gliding movements they slid through a darkened uneven entrance way. Ebuke signalled to other Watch Guards to move out of his way, as he stormed forth and marched through further massive iron doors which as if by magic opened wide upon his approach.
The Pettapedes scuttled and scrambled to keep up with the ill-tempered Dictator. The scene, one of the ghastly hues of green, gave way to a lighter airier great chamber.

The Pettapedes watched as a hundred or more ran towards a massive table. With bowed heads the officials stood in place, whilst Ebuke without further ado seated himself on a great chair at its head. He was about to deliver the fate of the land of the Amorites — Cavenarea.

Candles glimmered from a huge hanging and swaying iron corona. Green rays of foggy haze hung above the table. The intimidated officers with bowed heads listened to their leader’s declaration.

General Gallisum’s army’s blood curdled as they heard Ebuke’s intention to take himself and his Warriors — two hundred men or more — to the land of Cavenarea. A man of few words and straight to the point, they seethed as they heard the inevitable fate of their beautiful land.

On them hearing that once the boundaries of Cavenarea had been stampeded, the Amorites will be seized. Ebuke knew they didn’t know how to handle combat. The Amorites were totally defenceless unable to fight their cause.

He would be scheduling plans for his strike immediately. The march and attack will be made in one sun orbit’s time. Once they set foot outside Thorsotania and begin marching through the undulating terrain with forests and mountains of Cavenarea, they knew the Amorites would lose any likelihood of defence.

The tyrant Dictator would seize the Powgence Stone as his priority and ensure its intelligent and colourful light goes out forever. The Shamoshelimyticleletite will be robbed of his power and be vanquished, leaving Ebuke to take the Amorite people for his own.
The Amorite Government “MAPS” will be captured and held prisoners under his charge until such times they will abide by his rules. They will obey the way of life that will be become their fate. Thorsotania will become a massive state governed by the ruthless iron leader.

Ebuke then stamped his fists down onto the table. With loud authority he instructed his officials that the Warriors were to start preparing and being prepared for invasion. He rose, noisily shoving the chair away from behind him. His arms gestured to the assembly to stay out of his way — despite them still standing in silence with heads bowed.

Ebuke pounded his way back through the iron doored entrance, through the inner entrance and out along the green carpet towards his carrier. The Watch Guards had already manoeuvred the carriage round for the return march. Dutifully they saw him settled inside.

Despite intense emotions at what they had heard, the General having received his Pettapedes report of Cavenarea’s fate, he did not falter for a blink of an eyelid. With resound, whilst remaining in hiding himself, General Gallisum instructed they closely followed behind the heels of the Dictator.

They scurried alongside the carrier. Soldiers who were already flanking either side of Ebuke’s approach fell back into four abreast once Ebuke had been carried passed the Watch Guards. They marched behind the awesome carrier gallantly supported by his men. They halted and stamped to attention only when allowing the Warriors to fall back into their positions rear and in front of the carrier. Ebuke’s Warriors then proceeded in the direction from whence they had come.

The haunting jangle of the armour, echoing far away into the distance, was the only chinking that interrupted the otherwise silence of the Thorsotate people. Under General Gallisum’s commands the Pettapedes fell in behind the marchers. It was imperative to know the eventual destination of Dictator Ebuke.

With Ebuke gone, the Thorsotate people started to breath once again becoming alive. They jostled and swarmed but soon scattered, disappearing into the hills to return to homesteads. They would then continue under the rules of Ebuke’s daily living. That was totally their fate.

Via Prime Pettapede the General had instructed his Pettapedes to keep close guard on the trail of Ebuke and the Warriors. They meandered in and out of mountainous ranges and manoeuvred themselves over high and low ridges. The landscape was spine chilling with strange stacks of rocks giving alarming outlines in the dusky fervent glow of sun down. The creepy sounds of the armour reverberated over the hills as the troops chinked towards their destination.

The Pettapedes were suddenly startled! Out of the crevices pounced many four humped wire — red haired critters. They were hurtling and scooting about, darting in and out the legs of the marching warriors. The warriors did not falter in their marching rhythm.
Left right; Left right; Chink chink; Chink chink into the dark sombre night.
The Pettapedes thought they would have some fun. The critters were spooked when an “unknown invisible force” knocked them off balance. The Pettapedes in their invisible status went about tossing them around. As a break from the enormity and pressure of their assignment, this light relief amused them, especially watching the critters reactions. But not for an instant did they lose their close following of Ebuke’s Warriors and soldiers. The journey continued over an exhausting two sleeps with no resting between.

The route became flatter and wider. The dark glow of light began to lift slightly, and it appeared they were making way towards a distant very steep sided isolated high rock. As the procession ventured onwards, the rock loomed and was monstrous. The Pettapedes could
make out the outline of a huge bastion sitting on top. Nearer still it was clear that Ebuke and his Warriors were heading for this gigantic edifice.

There was no question about it, it was the seat of Dictator Ebuke. A sprawling fortress stood menacingly with blockhouse to the side, reminding everyone there was great force within. The building housed the Thorsotate Army’s. The imposing red and green flag with Ebuke’s insignia could be seen rising high above one of the towers.
Ebuke and his guard marched through an unevenly cut arched opening through the steep side of the rock.

The Pettapedes remained close on the heels of the Warriors. They took in every nook and cranny as they passed through the access. To the left and right they noted many approaches. The procession carrying Ebuke continued forwards until, without warning, the Warriors came to an abrupt stop. Ebuke and his carriers pressed on until they reached a stone carved archway. They lowered the carriage to the ground and Ebuke emerged.

The Pettapedes raced towards the high arch and watched as the Watch Guards formed a guard of honour, heads bowed whilst Ebuke strutted through. A winding stoned staircase rose before them. Prime Pettapede had been sliding back and forth picking up instructions from General Gallisum who had given orders for them to hotly pursue the trail of Ebuke as he climbed them. On reaching the top a very high vaulted vestibule lay before them. In front of huge heavy wooden doors, a team of Watch Guards stood to attention. They magically opened and Ebuke was approached by members of his household running from all angles. The Pettapedes halted. They had all the information required. At that moment the doors slammed shut.

The Pettapedes returned slithering and winding down the long stairway. They passed the Warriors who remained standing to attention, rushing back to the hiding place of their commander General Gallisum. It was time to retrace their journey. The General was also mindful that his charges would soon require urgent rest. The powers of invisibility sapped an enormous amount of strength and energy.

Bearing in mind the wellbeing of the Pettapedes, also urgently needing to hear about their findings of Ebuke’s horrific scheme of invading Cavenarea, the General would have to exercise his supreme management of the exercise.

Once rested, the Pettapedes must seek their great Leader the Shamoshelimyticleletite at break neck speed. The Amorite Government would eagerly be awaiting their report and the crucial evidence of the fate of their land.

It was time for General Gallisum and his army of tireless Pettapedes to follow the scent trail back through Thorsotania. They wound through foreboding tunnels. The Pettapedes glided and pushing through the many critters obstructing their course by head butting them out of the way. They were menacing but the Pettapede army had them under control.

General Gallisum needed his Pettapede Army “as his own “watchpedes,” to guide him safely through channels and ravines. Twisting and turning over the jagged ridges and around the hillsides. The Pettapedes led their General cautiously and safely, ensuring he was well camouflaged during the journey. They eventually passed by the rampart and the familiar Watch Guards on duty.

Using their extra sensitive nostrils, they sniffed around to locate the opening that would lead them out from the drab stagnant green foggy hue of Thorsotania and back into beautiful colourful Cavenarea. Their Protector Shamoshelimyticleletite and the Amorite Government would be waiting.

Between sun downs and multi sleeps, led by their General, they eventually found the ingress. They ventured through the dazzling rays of green, which had greeted them upon their coming. They bye-passed the marching Watch Guards just as they had upon their first encounter.

The long dreary black tunnels followed, but as far as the Pettapede Army was concerned were no further obstacle. They hare footed along until…until… a first tiny glimmer of bright purple intelligent light emerged and came upon them. The light grew larger, wider and more beautiful as the obscure entrance was neared. Eventually the stunning light enshrouded them. They were home!

The Shamoshelimyticleletite, the beloved gentle mammoth Protector used his brilliant rays to draw them back into the wonderful kingdom of Cavenarea. In the purplish hue of the night, interrupted by dazzling guiding beams of white bright light shining out from the tail of the wondrous beast, they began their journey through the forests. Accompanied by the Forest Creatures They were on their way to deliver the frightening news of the fate of Cavenarea. The sooner they reached the seat of the MAPS — the Members of the Amorite Parliament — the better.”

Eddie and Ollie had such overwhelming feelings. The Pettapedes had come to no harm but were overtaken by consuming unease about the fate of the Smart People and Little People of Cavenarea. They shivered. Cold sweats of fear broke out. In their eyes they saw the wondrous beast surrounded by the loyal Pettapedes who had at last become visible.

The boys were fighting back the tears, but… it then dawned upon them that it was dear Old Judas bending over them. He was gently bringing them back into their own world. He was rubbing their shoulders round and round and whispered that it was only a dream and that all will be well and settled.

The boys with difficulty roused themselves. They noted with concern that Judas too appeared sad and a little forlorn. The boys wanted to go back into the world of Cavenarea. They pleaded with Judas to continue, but the old man in his wisdom thought a break in his tale would be a sensible action at that moment in time.

He would continue the next day. Despite the strong persuasion from the boys, a firm NO was the order for the rest of the day. They hugged him hard and hesitantly stepped their way out of Old Judas’s refuge.


“A Heroes welcome awaits the Pettapedes and General Gallisum”

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