Heroes welcome awaits General Gallisum and Pettapedes

Heroes return to the Citadel in Cavenarea accompanied by the Forest Creatures


Chapter 11


A Heroes welcome back to Cavenarea


Next morning, with no hesitation, Eddie and Ollie were back with old Judas. Tossing and turning all night, they had been left restless eagerly awaiting to hear about possible consequences for the Amorites — the lovely Little People of Cavenarea. Old Judas was waiting for them for he too, he was eager to tell more of his story.

Eddie and Ollie sat themselves down cross legged on the biscuit coloured coarse grass inside the old clay hut. The sun sent small beams of light into the shack giving golden reflection and welcome warmth roundabout. With chin cupped in hands the boys keenly but apprehensively prepared themselves to listen. Old Judas sitting on an old self-made chair he had made from the wood of the forest began with slight quiver in his voice — he was thinking that this next part was going to be very emotional for him. He began…

“Over 20 sleeps — faster than their outward journey, the Pettapedes followed the trail back to the headquarters of the MAPS. Urged on by the power of the Shamoshelimyticleletite who had received and had perceived the bad news, they felt secure as the beautiful valleys and the hills became more intensely illuminated as they neared their destination. The trees bowed and swayed as if sending messages to forest creatures. They looked down upon them with great respect.

The Shamoshelimyticleletite called for his Shamoshiggins. These were the messengers who were to convey news of forthcoming doom. The mighty beast also needed to deliver the Pettapede Army back to their homestead. These stalwart supreme workers needed to be returned into the safe hands of the High Minister, Takute. They had done an impressive job and the Shamoshelimyticleletite would ensure they would be commended for brave action. They had entered an unknown territory and would not have known what lay before them. It had been a mission full of risk.

As they marched in single line through the vegetation and undergrowth. Forest creatures sprouted from all angles surrounding them. These surprising non-threatening encounters were merely conveying more support and understanding. The forest creatures would stand by the army of Pettapedes and urge them faster on their journey. Through extraordinary senses perception, more and more creatures appeared.

The message that the brave General and his charges were returning to Cavenarea had undoubtedly been spread amongst the forest inhabitants by the great Shamoshelimyticleletite. Gashes of warming purple light shone on them, intervened by the bright dazzling light exuding from the large pearly whites of the colossal Protector.

Forest creatures including the OneCorns, one-horned boars the size of small horses galloped from behind every tree, quickly joined by the strange wild Pigboys who stood nine hands high and with snouts as long as a Pettapede stride. More forest creatures joined the scene. Flying Bats with wing spans of half a field were soon hovering above. Long fanged mammals called Albitrocioussii swooped over the trees flying over the of Pettapedes and Forest Creatures.

Soon the Grininobles joined the force. These grinning two headed, four armed, one legged giants hopped along, were being brought closely into rank by the wild Humdingers. These jet black dogs were normally deep cave dwellers. They jumped out from behind the jagged contours of the landscape. They were formidable authorative creatures standing as high as bushes. They sprang into action lumbering and striding around the procession, snapping at other creatures if they dared step outside of an orderly line.

General Gallisum and the Pettapedes were overwhelmed by their very noble support. The procession was growing every stretch of the way. The trees were nodding approval as they passed by. They tilted their fine heads side to side as if swinging to the tempo of the march. Before long snakelike creatures join the train. With their stumpy six legs, these springing Snackdors whipped their tails through and around the crevices, and playfully inched through the legs of other creatures and around the Pettapedes, that is, until the Humdingers brought them back into line.

Bearlike creatures, the Beastingbellingers overlooked the whole procession as they were the tallest in stature. With their pointed faces but very small ears but Goliath paws they tagged along. There was never a more united exhibition of fellowship. The forest creatures knew the direction they had to go. They would accompany the Pettapedes, there would be no pussyfooting.

The intelligent light of the great Protector would see them safely towards the High Minister’s chambers. The Powgence Stone stood high in the great hall where Takute, Leader of the Members of the Amorite Government of Cavenarea presided over his government. The Pettapede trail and forest creatures marched onwards. The trees swinging with respect keeping in rhythm to their steps. After passing through much undergrowth, thicket and brush, and the surrounding beautiful lush coppices, the outline of the great Citadel came into view. It basked in a wondrous golden light and stood majestically under the indigo coloured heavens.

Accompanied by their loyal followers, General Gallisum and Pettapedes continued and gathered more speed as they neared the Amorite Parliament Great Hall. The Shamoshiggins, runners of the Shamoshelimyticleletite, were lined up in readiness to salute these bold beasts. Also, to collect and deliver Ebuke’s horrendous chilling plot to High Minister Takute.

The approach led onto a large square forecourt of the Citadel. General Gallisum and the Pettapedes assembled neatly followed by the forest creatures, who were nudged into orderly line by the Humdingers and the springing Snackdors. The MAPS of the Citadel respectfully formed a line of allegiance. They were wearing their “Caps of Respect” yellow with grey shading.

As the General approached them, he ordered for his Pettapede Army to be escorted back to their quarters. They needed much rest, necessary to restore the incredible powers to render themselves invisible. They had used much energy during their courageous long mission.

The forest creatures remained outside as the Shamoshiggins — bearers of the news, and as commanded by their Master Shamoshelimyticleletite, went inside to convey the forthcoming misfortunes of the Smart Little and Lovely People of Cavenarea.

Eddie and Ollie by now found themselves drawn into the magnitude of the situation. In their minds they mingled with the forest creatures awaiting to hear what possible scale of defence this beautiful colourful land and its citizens would be able to offer. They had been drawn into this extra dimension of their lives deeply. They wanted to support, aid and offer their comradeship and somehow help prevent the Amorites from being besieged by the terrible iron Dictator Ebuke.

The Shamoshelimyticleletite was Eddie and Ollie’s Protector too. They felt it, but…how could this gentle race of people overcome invasion of Ebuke?” Smooth sweet sounding words were filtering into their heads. They felt gentle brushing over their arms. They were being gently lifted from their dream and gradually brought back into actuality. The boys felt warm breath on their faces. They opened their eyes and were comforted to find dark purple beauty radiating from old Judas’s eyes.

Bristles from his red beard lightly tickled their cheeks. Finding themselves back inside the rough homestead of Judas was relieving, but they felt denied of knowledge regarding the future of Cavenarea. Old Judas pacified them and promised they would find out before the end of their summer holidays. Feeling comforted by these words, Eddie and Ollie braced themselves for returning home and coming back the next day. They couldn’t argue against the dear man’s marching orders but as always, they wished Judas had carried on.

Judas needed to think hard. Just how much would he engage the boys? The next step of the story was not going to be easy. His heart lurched, and emotion overtook him. He placed his hands over his watering eyes. The boys must never witness his sorrow. Most of all they must be kept safe and he would always maintain power to be sure of that.



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