Forest Creatures keep order after a Heart Rending Decision is made

Forest creatures keep order as Shamoshelimyticleletite discharges all his power

Chapter 12 – P 1 & 2 Pod

The Ultimate Protection from the Shamoshelimyticleletite

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Forest creatures were uppermost in the boy’s minds. Next day Eddie and Ollie raced to be with Old Judas. Old Judas who’d had a turbulent restless night greeted them affectionately. Although feeling tired, he felt by continuing his story, therapeutically it would help him feel better. Without hesitation once the boys were seated comfortably, he continued.

“The creatures of the forest congregated outside the Citadel. The boys were soon transported and found themselves amidst great tumult. By the great force of the Shamoshelimyticleletite the Amorite people had heard the news that a great misfortune was about to overtake them. The Lovely Little People of Cavenarea collected outside the large gates too

The Shamoshiggins were delivering their reports. They noisily and anxiously awaited action. Meanwhile Head Minister Takute had called all members of his Parliament to the Great Hall of the Powgence stone. They found their places and sat around the vast table to hear what the messengers of the great Protector had to say. The Shamoshiggins summarised by emphasising that the main aim of Dictator Ebuke was to seize the Powgence Stone. This would immediately extinguish its intelligent for ever, and forthwith harm the Protectorship of the Shamoshelimyticleletite. His existence and power would vanish into an unknown alien world.

When finished there was an uncomfortable silence. The MAPs searched each other looking for words. None came, they were speechless. Overwhelmed and aghast they looked to Takute for leadership. Takute himself took time to gather his thoughts. He was pounding his head feeling stricken with momentary powerlessness.

All of a sudden seized with outrage, he flung out his arms and pummelled the table. The MAPs then added to the anguish by getting up, shoving back their seats and stampeding around the hall. It was action of inadequacy. They were not brought up to comprehend battle, they were not prepared or trained. The iron Dictator had only to step over into the territory of the beautiful serenity of Cavenarea and their colourful land would be taken over and pillaged. The Amorites would have to succumb to domination and thus become controlled by the fierce tyrant.

Oh! how Takute and his Parliament were troubled. What would become of the Lovely Little People? How could they stop the terrifying invasion of Ebuke? The answer was, without any doubt…they could not. They continued pounding the Great Hall, searching for ways. Throwing arms up in pleading gesture to the Powgence Stone expecting solutions to fly out from its brilliance.
But there was none. Restlessness inside the Great Hall increased by the moment. The Shamoshiggins also in turmoil had left without warning. They had been alerted by signals exceptionally transmitted from their Master. The Shamoshelimyticleletite needed to deliver an urgent message.

The Great Mammoth and Protector had to do something. He would not tolerate Dictator Ebuke having the last word. The Shamoshelimyticleletite had arrived at a very overwhelming painful decision that he too found hard to bear. He would at all costs give the Amorites the chance of defending their honour and give them all his power to stop Ebuke. This would be at very heavy costs to this wonderful, gentle giant, but… it was the only way.

The Shamoshiggins received a message from the Great Mammoth Protector to deliver in haste to Head Minister Takute. He was to announce to the people that a great undertaking will happen. There was no explanation except to be on guard for a crucial revolution. This will create a distorting but constructive proceeding in their lives. There will be bafflement, mystifying in its intensity. The Shamoshelimyticleletite will confound the Amorites by the gravity of his next actions. The Smart and Lovely Little People of Cavenarea must find courage and trust at the onset of these changes, as it will become clear and very evident as to why these new developments will take place.

The crowds collecting outside of the Citadel were puzzled. They were flummoxed to the extent they felt disorientation. More of the Lovely Little People had descended upon the already great mass of people. Thousands as far as the eye could see had joined together awaiting their fate. A great restlessness and nervous reaction had begun as a change of colour surrounded them.

The beauty of the land began to fade. At intervals, flashes of bright dazzling light in the heavens startled them, then again be overtaken by fading light. Great purple beams, burnishing and resplendent created vivid patterns all around the Lovely Little People, then overtaken by dark heaviness above.

The forest creatures gathered around. The Humdingers, the great black dogs, were running around keeping the restless crowds in orderly fashion. Their greatest challenge were the OneCorns galloping around in near frenzy. They feared their horns would unintentionally cause injury to innocent people. Together with the flying Albitrocioussii who swooped and dived into the crowds helping transform potential chaos into order. The great stature of the bearlike Beastingbellingers managed to bring the people under control — the OneCorns eventually understanding the wiseness of the Humdingers actions rather than seeing them as hindrance and interfering.

Eddie and Ollie, now deep themselves into the hysteria kept close to the snakelike creatures, the Springing Snackdors who with gentle but sharp little nips to ankles, and the swishing of their long tails, helped curb any suggestions of turbulence amongst the crowd.

The robust forest creatures, The Pigboys — nineteen hands high, noticed potentially suffocating huddles of the Lovely Little People clinging onto each other for dear life. They used their long snouts to break them up. They kept them protected from harm

The Forest Creatures had come into their own. The Shamoshelimyticleletite having reinforced their authority. The Amorites of Cavenarea were bewildered and almost froze in readiness for what would happen next. They were indeed very afraid.

The Forest Creatures began to multiply rapidly, spreading themselves amongst the thousands, cocooning the Lovely Little People to give added protection to their fears. Eddie and Ollie joined them assured and shielded by their presence. The lights in the heavens continued to flicker and flash, intermingling with dancing purple lilac light. Then as quickly as they flared… the magnitude of their power dropped leaving nothing but a dull gloomy landscape behind them.

Agitation increased on hearing a rumble in the distance. The Albitrocioussii flew above helping the Humdingers control them, stopping wild uncontrollable of fear scattering amongst them. The remaining Forest Creatures came out in their masses. They all played their part, guarding the mobbing Amorites.

High Minister Takute had left the great Hall of the Powgence Stone to speak to the people, but he too was overtaken by the increasing volumes of the rumbling as it moved towards them. The Lovely Little People cried and shouted but could hardly be heard amidst the deafening noise. The lights too had almost disappeared. Suddenly a raucous wailing filled the valleys. It turned into a roar and boomed continuously. Rocks started to split and fall, the ground shook followed by slaps and cracking underfoot. The mighty Shamoshelimyticleletite was blasting and driving all his energy into them.

Their great Protector was commanding the land and injecting great force into the people to grow in strength and power. As the ground shuddered more, the hills shook, churning the boulders that had nestled for millions of sun orbits. Earth and stones tumbled down and around. Gaping holes appeared. The roars of the Shamoshelimyticleletite grew in intensity. The Citadel swayed causing havoc inside. The MAPS watched outside in horror as the Powgence Stone began to tilt.

All their senses of order disappeared. The intense vibration caused the Stone to lean over more and more. The ground crazily shuddered to each mighty roar from the Shamoshelimyticleletite. The Stone was holding on for sheer might. The light inside was dimming, the MAPs had to get out fast. They swarmed towards the exit. They fled and mixed into the riotous crowd.

The light over the valleys was failing. The roars and bellows of the Shamoshelimyticleletite shook and shuddered the land. Then… with a last mighty force…. the Powgence Stone was unseated. It keeled over and landed heavily onto the ground.

The people of Cavenarea were instantly left with a neutral colourless Kingdom. The ear splitting and terrifying events had slowly died away. The ground had become still. There was a quietness and strangeness in the air and with almost incapacitating numbness it dawned on the Smart People and Lovely Little People of Cavenarea their beloved precious mammoth was there no more. There was no sign, the Shamoshelimyticleletite had vanished into obscurity.

The People fell onto their knees looking up to the heavens, with arms stretched high and wide as if searching for answers. They were overtaken by untold grief. All the Forest Creatures, including the Albitrocioussii who’d swooped down amongst them, stood still. They bowed their heads to the ground, at the same time hooting, roaring yowling and wailing at the loss of the Great Protector.

Suddenly there was an uncanny quiet. The People and Forest Creatures had become struck as if petrified carved in stone. Eddie and Ollie who’d been carried into Cavenarea and who was sharing the grief of its people and animals, without warning became aware of a weeping sound. Great sighs and gasps bounced around the atmosphere. Where was it coming from?

They stretched out and moved around, treading gently over the roughened grey enshrouded terrain. The dreaming boys couldn’t believe the powerful and colourful preserving Powgence Stone had toppled, and… gone…oh gone… from the land of Cavenarea was their beloved Shamoshelimyticleletite.”
They reached out for the solidified Humdingers and Snackdors with whom they had formed an alliance. The boys were shocked as their fingers touched the skins of the Snackdors. They didn’t feel cold, there was a warmth and love giving out. The vision of the Snackdors danced and wavered until a misty cloud hovered in front of them. They blinked and as it became clearer found themselves stroking the arm of their very wonderful and close friend Old Judas. His head was buried inside his hands. The grey hills of Cavenarea became the small shabby homestead that protected their very dear friend.

The boys stood up. Their bones and muscles hurt, stiffened by lack of physical movement. Only their minds had been energised. They looked hard at the old man. The boys were confused why Old Judas was reacting in this downcast way. They assumed that it was the intensity of his story telling, and that it had emotionally drained him. Perhaps this was his natural reaction.

They went back to him and took his hands. He looked up, his beautiful purple watery eyes penetrating theirs. His shaggy red tinged whiskers twitched. He squeezed their hands and felt their deep friendship. Oh, it was good to have someone to talk to. He felt nearness beyond description, but soon in his wisdom, he asked them to venture home.

He wanted his own space for a while. Tomorrow will come soon enough for Old Judas, but not soon enough for Eddie and Ollie. He reassured the boys he was feeling better. They dragged their feet for a few minutes. They knew it was of no use trying to argue with their beloved friend.

Obeying a final arm gesture from him, waving them off, they unwillingly left him to rest. Judas needed a long deep sleep to prepare himself for the next chapter. It was going to be a long haul.



“The Little People felt a driving force within them”


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