Forces were felt within the Little People of Cavenarea. They became driven.

Forces that had been injected into The Amorite Little people of Cavenarea are kept controlled by the Forest Creatures

Chapter 13

The Little People felt a driving force within them

Wrath was upon the Lovely Little People. Next morning Eddie and Ollie caught Judas standing near to his boiling kettle. It was suspended from the uneven wooden pole supported by deeply notched posts either end. Small flames leapt up from the kindling beneath.

He appeared great distances away as the steam arose from its spout. On hearing crushing of leaves underfoot he turned and saw the boys. The dear old man’s eyes grew deeper and wider and shone out like glistening purple and violet gemstones as they approached. He removed the kettle and placed it to one side, and then with his hand, he guided the boys towards their usual seating spots. Were they ready?
Oh, they were ready! Very quietly and steadily he led them back into the secret special land of Cavenarea.

“There was a numbness amongst the Lovely Smart and Little People. A silence hung over the valleys, hills and mountains which were now engulfed in shades of grey and white.

Where had their precious and beloved Shamoshelimyticleletite gone? The magical protection that had cocooned them had vanished. The intelligent light from the Powgence Stone had been totally wiped from their lives. What were they to do? They mourned the great mammoth, they were consumed with grief in their now grey world.

The high emotions and feelings continued over the next sleep to sun up. The ginormous hustling crowds were still surrounding the Citadel until light broke, when out of nowhere they were jolted back into rude awakening.

A loud thunderbolt crashed out from above them, momentarily filling the sky above the Citadel in a blue hue. High Minister Takute hurriedly summoned the Members of the Amorite Government — and led them back inside the darkened Citadel.

The crowds became agitated. Eddie and Ollie sensed feelings of strength was being injected into them. Suddenly harmony left their beings. The people became boisterous and wild and the Forest Creatures encircled large groups to help keep them controlled. The people shouted for the Government to command them into action.

The Amorites reacted with wrath. They developed a burst of desire to fight, to do battle. They scrimmaged, they ran around accelerating with every pace, they brawled, they wanted combat, they wanted to attack, they wanted the iron Dictator Ebuke ripped from his fortress and dragged out by the roots of his greedy existence.

Such surges of emotion came from nowhere — their quiet lovely life being replaced by a loathing of this man. Most of all they wanted him alive, they wanted to take him prisoner to make him live the life that he bestowed on others. They wanted to totally strip him of his control.
“Takute” they chanted. “Takute, Takute, Takute.”

They wanted direction. The Humdinger black dogs growled, followed by barks resonating amongst the mob. Baring teeth they wanted order and order they’ll get. The trees swayed violently rustling their leaves. They drooped in front and behind the great dogs, almost bending to the ground then springing back into position, as if to attention.

The wing spans of the Albitrocioussii cast shadows over the people as they jostled and cried for revenge on Ebuke. They flew and hovered over the especially turbulent crowds hoping to quieten excitement. A large claw lightly brushing their hair was enough to simmer them down.

Eddie and Ollie were kept on the edge of the scene, guarded by the Pigboys who with their grand stature…nineteen hands high…were waving their long snouts around keeping the riotous crowds from stampeding their ground.

The two boys wanted to settle the score too, and were anxiously awaiting news and decisions from the Great Hall of the Powgence Stone, now sadly toppled, robbing it of all its intelligent light and influence.

The MAPS led by High Minister Takute were in assembly.They covered their ears as the din of
“Takute Takute Takute” grew louder by each moment.

The boys watched as the two headed Grininobles hopped amongst the masses nudging them with each of their four arms helping to form some seeming of patience. The Lovely Little People were gently forced in all directions and wouldn’t dare argue with the grinning faces peering upon them.

The stumpy legs and the swishing tails of the Snackdors weaved in and out of legs, snarling and baring their toothless deep red gums, with a threatening eye glare as they looked up to those who dared to rampage. One swish of the tail and the Amorites would be thrown into space and land dazed and confused. There certainly wouldn’t be any possibility of a repeat performance.

Eddie and Ollie were concerned as they witnessed bodies tossed into the air fearing they would be hurt but were assured by the Pigboys they would come to no real harm and always land on their feet. You see, the Snackdors used their tails with exactly the right force with the correct angle to ensure this. But…it was indeed a warning for those affected to simmer down.

“Takute Takute Takute” the chanting continued.

The goliath paws of the Beastingbellingers were warning enough not to be trampled on. These awesome beasts were the tallest of Forest Creatures, and they skirted and strode around the throng of Amorites. Their presence alone creating awareness they appreciated good behaviour. One flick of their small ears, with long pointed faces baring long teeth was enough to curb any over- activity of the crowd.

The one-horned OneCorns helped the Beastingbellingers with the mission, cantering in and out of any masses, showing signs of boisterous behaviour. Their threatening long horns curbed the people’s over excitement.
“Takute” “Takute” “Takute” was the penetrating chant heard from inside the great hall.

Great debate was in operation. They struggled “on the job” under the greyness of the atmosphere, resulting from the catastrophic toppled Powgence Stone.”

Old Judas paused and thought hard. He looked at the boys during his small break. They stirred when they didn’t hear the continuity of his voice. They were deep into his tale. He decided he couldn’t stop there, he would continue…




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Battle plans. The Cavenarians will be prepared

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