Call up for attack was the message for the Little People of Cavenarea


Call up for attack.

Chapter 14
High Minister Takute addresses the Little People

Call up plans were being negotiated. Emergency candlelight glowed as Takute called on the MAPS to consider the chanting of the Amorite people. They would formulate their plans and announce them to the loyal Lovely Little People, and the Forest Creatures. But… the people themselves must make the final decision.

An Army must be formed, and the land of Cavenarea would become a hive of industry. They would use citizen skills taken to their limits. Volunteers should come forwards to be trained in the areas of combat and attack. Citizens should work every sun up and downs, manufacturing weapons for battle. There was no time to be wasted. They had part of one sun orbit to prepare.

The Assembly tirelessly drew up schedules and timescales. They worked from sun up to sun down and through sleeps. The crowds had remained surrounding the Citadel. Their presence stretched over the fields and around the hillsides.

Forest Creatures multiplied and offered support and control. This was much needed amongst an impatient and agitated population.
Takute” “Takute” “Takute…”
the people clamoured. They desperately wanted direction from their High Minister Takute.

He finally emerged through the gateway and down the steps. He was followed closely by his Deputy High Minister and entourage — the members — the MAPS. He signalled for attention.

The horde swarmed towards him, followed by an uncanny lull. They were eager to listen to the proposals of the Amorite Government. Takute unrolled his scroll preparing to make his announcement. He read out the propositions to the Lovely Little People..

“An army needed to be formed, and remaining citizens of Cavenarea should disperse to hunt for the only colours remaining within the greyness of Cavenarea.

The heavens from above, over thousands of sun orbits had rained particles that had formed the craggy crust of their land. Tiny slithers of green, orange, red and silver would be spotted within the formation of the rocks. These would be easier to find now, being in contrast within the neutral panorama the Amorites now lived. The people will be instructed to laboriously flake away tiny shards.

Pits needed digging out of the mud to build fires. Weapons and armour would be made from the shards. On firing they would be smelted, sorted, forged, hammered and punched from the resulting molten masses.”

The citizens of the of Cavenarea listened intently, digesting every word. An eruption of excited loud cheering bordering on hysteria followed, with much hand holding, hugs and applause.

Multitudes of dancing groups covered the square and apron which stretched out far and beyond in front of the Citadel. There was hopping, jumping and twirling in elation. This gave way to frenzy, and an indomitable urge to get down to task. The barking Humdingers ran around the people to keep them in check.

Takute helped by the MAPS, together with the intervention of the Forest Creatures, once again managed to silence the crowd. Takute needed to employ soldiers to form battalions. They would be trained by Major Forcitude and drilled by Sergeant Willison.

He asked for volunteers and before a bat of an eyelid at least two hundred people surged forwards. They were directed to the forefront of the apron where they congregated. The remaining citizens disassembled, divided and went their separate ways to eagerly and passionately begin the toils of weapon making.

The Shamoshelimyticleletite had injected his powers of knowledge into the people — the mighty but gentle mammoth’s final mission before he disappeared from their lives. Shamoshelimyticleletite was determined to continue his Protectorship albeit by virtual means.

The Amorites knew exactly what they must do.

Ollie and Eddie had witnessed unbelievable scenes of democracy. They were driven right into the atmosphere. They kept close to their trusted friends — the Forest Creatures. They witnessed how vigilant they controlled the different mobs and felt privileged to become part of the dramatic spectacle. They wanted to participate in the preparation for battle. They needed to learn and help with making the weapons required for the forthcoming task of invading Thorsotania and capturing Dictator Ebuke.

They were thirsty for action, and somehow, they so longed for and so wanted to find the loyal powerful Shamoshelimyticleletite once again. Where had he gone? They shivered from chill, oh how they missed the warmth of the Powgence Stone that had once shone upon the colourful bright land of Cavenarea, helping the gentle organised contented Little People go about their daily living in a cultured and civilised manner.

A mist enveloped the scene. A spinning sensation was felt within the boys. They held out their arms wanting to hold onto the land of Cavenarea, but it was spinning further and further away. They cried out and reached out with clutching gestures to bring it back, but the spinning continued. Cavenarea had become but a speck as they were gradually roused back into now time.
Old Judas was present. Home they must go. Eddie and Ollie longed to be back with the Lovely Little People, but Judas having given them time to recover, and after much argument, gestured with a gnarled but authorative hand for the boys to leave his refuge. They edged their way home. They felt something had been snatched away from them. They even felt a touch of anger towards their wonderful gentle friend. They guiltily jolted themselves from these anti feelings. How wrong they were…the next day will come soon enough.

Old Judas wearily went to make a hot drink from the natural herbs around. Although it was a bright sunny warm day, he found comfort cupping his hands around the hot mug silently sipping his beverage.

Old Judas tried switching his mind away from the land of Cavenarea. It was difficult. Thoughts brought him great sadness and angst, but…the boys must never know why.


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Industrialised Cavenarea


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