Working the land and preparing for battle in industrialised Cavenarea

Working the land

Chapter 15

Banging, hammering, thwacking all over the Land

Industrialised Cavenarea was awaiting them. The boys presented themselves before Old Judas very early next day. They found a tired looking Judas. He hadn’t slept well that night, but this didn’t deter him from fulfilling the boy’s impatience to get back to the Lovely Little People and the Forest Creatures.

Judas himself needed to share his story, especially the adventures to come. Sitting spellbound, it wasn’t long before Eddie and Ollie were transported back again into Cavenarea — an industrialised land.

“The Land had been transformed into a hive of industry. The Lovely Little People were swarming around with eagerness, getting on with their allocated tasks.

There were the carbon clay and wood collectors, and the pit diggers. Designated builders lined deep holes with clay, rising up above the ground. The clay together with mud were moulded into blocks by the builders.

Helped by the eagle eyed Albitrocioussii, the Rock Hunters looked for lumps of rock with hints and tinges of dark grey, bright yellow, deep purple, to rusty red. This excited them because it told them the rocks were rich in iron ore.

Industrialised to its highest, Grininobles enabled faster collection… and made for lighter work. Using their four arms they humped the rock. They hopped back and forth and around the workers with great speed. The workers paced themselves to keep up with the Grininobles deliveries. The OneCorns, using mighty power, pierced and split the rock with their horns.

The Beastingbellingers stamped their goliath paws onto the larger lumps of rock, using their claws to etch deep into the surface resulting in fragmenting the chunks.

The Pigboys sniffed around using their long sensitive snouts. They smelt out the presence of carbon. Their snouts would come into their own performing this valuable task. This helped the builders. Carbon was required to mix with wood kindling to create hot burning fires.

The Humdingers aided them by searching and collecting wood kindling. There was a plentiful supply that had gathered over hundreds of sun orbits. The Flakers would continue to break up the already splintered rock using basher stones. They scooped it into piles for tossing into the fires. The Snackdors kept the fires burning by thrashing and swishing their tails creating forceful draughts to feed the fires. Such was the now industrialised Cavenarea.

The Flakers would regularly poke about in the furnace with long thick fashioned splinters of stone, feeling for solid masses of iron that would form. These were called blooms. The Flakers would extract the blooms by scraping away all the burned fragments. Once done the blooms would be cooled by dousing in pools of cold rain.

Awaiting were the Smithies, who would take the blooms and place them into a fire pot. They’d stand by for the blooms to glow red hot, orange, yellow and finally a brilliant white. The Smithies would then lift them and lay them out onto slabs of rock. These had been prepared and flattened by the Flakers with the help of the Beastingbellingers.

It was then the turn of the Blacksmiths. Using basher stones, they would forge, hammer and punch the molten iron blooms into shapes whilst they cooled. This was appropriate for turning into working tools, battle weapons and armour. The Lovely Little People worked all round during the sun orbit. Two shifts of workers were set up between moon orbits and they worked tirelessly throughout.

The Shamoshelimyticleletite had released every bit of his energy and power into these otherwise defenceless people. The boys witnessed the high spirals of smoke rising from the pit fires. They were scattered all over the valleys, above the hills and mountains. Industry covered over far and beyond what had once been a colourful, gentle and beautiful tranquil land.

In the flame coloured valleys, the Forest Creatures and Workers worked endlessly with their special and designated skills, not resting for a moment during their shifts.

The boys watched the much running about of the Lovely Little People who were now strong and muscular from their endless production. They wanted to join in. There was much hopping, swishing of tails, barking, driving, bashing, thwacking, swooping. The whole scene was overflowing with toil. Industrialised to the heights.

Hundreds of blacksmiths turned out much needed working tools, such as for chiselling, poles, shovels, forks, spades, wheelbarrows. Of course, the more of these there were, the easier it became for the workers to collect, produce and forge more iron. Production was faster.

Eddie and Ollie watched passionately as the Smithies plunged iron poles into the fires to turn into molten iron. When brilliant white hot, they were extracted then hammered, chiselled and fashioned. They watched as they dipped them again and again into the fire to keep the bloom the right temperature for forging and punching into shape.

Industrialised to limits, banging, clanging boomed all over the land. It was almost deafening as the labour continued. The smoky atmosphere increased as the fires from the furnaces and smithy fires were kept burning. Breast plates, back plates and helmets were hammered and shined for the volunteer soldiers. Shields, spears, arrows, bows, swords, for combat and clubs and axes for breaking through bars, railings, and fortress doors such as may be required.

The women and children of the land through the ages had learned to weave and plait animal and plant fibres. These would make basic cloths and clothes. They expertly plucked the hair from animals and plant fibres and rolled them into lengths. These
would be achieved by tying the fibres to stones and spinning and twirling them around. When twisted, they wound the results around other stones and started the whole process again. By joining and tying they produced garments.

They had learned from their ancestors that by using sticks, onto which the already spun and twisted fibres were wound and by means of using animal bones and chipping hook-like notches into them, they were able to weave the fibres into sleeved shirt clothing. With the Little People’s expertise on plant life, grown and eaten by them, they were also able to mix with water producing colour. The animal and plant fibres could be dyed.
The Soldiers of Cavenarea were to receive the results of the Little People’s expertise. Yellow shirts plus simple tunics cut, joined and made from animal hide were soon to be delivered to Major Forcitude.

The Little People spun and spun and produced long lengths of rope. As time went on the Blacksmiths produced more tools including hooks and needles. The carpenters crafted spinning wheels which enabled the weavers to make garments faster. More elaborate clothing was made which included more robes for High Minister Takute and his MAPS.

Clothing and combat weapons became plentiful. Word had been sent from Major Forcitude via High Minister Takute, for all combat weapons and clothing to be delivered to the storage area for the artillery. They were to be inspected. The Armory had been set up in a special blockhouse area beside the Citadel.

The arms were then passed to the Technigenus’s who had great scientific knowledge on the properties of iron ore. Using sediment from iron filings they would arrange teams to powder coat the tips of the arrows, spears and swords. This special coating would be electrically charged creating a special repelling magnetic field. When coming into contact with the metal armour of the opposing Warriors, rather than magnetically attracting it would cause a startling vivid flash of red with a severe jolt, changing to brown as it blends with the greenish hue of the Thorsotania atmosphere. The stunned victim would reel backwards and drop to the ground zapped into deep sleep.

Similarly, the Cavenarian soldiers’ breast and back plates and helmets were coated with substance having the powers of attraction. Should Ebuke’s Warrior weapons come close to contact there would be an ear-splitting clash as they were drawn into a gripping electric stronghold by the Cavenarian armour, followed by a blinding and spitting light from squeizo electric guns which were gripped by the soldiers, giving them time to finally zap and stun the startled warriors with swords and spears.
The Cavenarian Soldiers would have an abundant supply to use for their protection.

The sounds of the hammering and banging intensified as Eddie and Ollie breathed in the smoky atmosphere. It slowly dawned on the boys as they were coughing and spluttering that it was not the banging and fumy smoke of Cavenarea. In reality it was much less intense, and literally just a waft of the burning wood of Old Judas’s tiny fire together with the clanging of his mugs in the gentle breeze that had started to rouse them.

They greeted Judas as if they had returned from “long journey.” Judas smiled, but the smile didn’t spread into his eyes. He looked strained. The boys rearranged themselves on the grassy mound prepared to be taken back again amongst the strife of the Lovely Little People, who were working with all their might to defend their now industrialised territory. They were crying out for more.

Old Judas sighed long and hard …he too wanted to carry his story through, but it was getting Increasingly difficult for him. He had a heavy heart. As his story had progressed his emotions were harder to hide, there was heartache, he felt distress.

Old Judas surprisingly had well and truly got himself immersed into his own storytelling. He needed to talk about the next happenings and so… he would tell them. He felt he had no other choice, in fairness, both from his side and the boys. So he continued…


Major Forcitude and Sergeant Willison Lead the Armies


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