Battle Plans. Major Forcitude and General Gallisum Collaborate

Leading the army’s


Chapter 16
 Major Forcitude and General Gallisum Collaborate

“Whilst the production of Artillery, rope and clothing continued, the volunteer soldiers had been in the very capable hands of their Drill Master — Sergeant Willison. Under Major Forcitude’s direction, the soldiers had been taken through their paces learning to march and fight. The apprentice soldiers built up stamina with adventuresome and tough training courses. They became nimble and well co-ordinated on their feet.

Special forces are driven into their action. Whilst the production of Artillery and clothing continued, the volunteer soldiers had been in the very capable hands of their Drill Master — Sergeant Willison. Under Major Forcitude’s direction, the soldiers had been taken through their paces learning to march and fight. The apprentice soldiers built up stamina with adventuresome and tough training courses. They became nimble and well co-ordinated on their feet.

Instead of going for direct attack they were taught how to duck, dive and dodge to avoid the Warriors, and to trap them. They learned how to deflect forthcoming blows with skill rather than trying to block them and thus taking full force of a possible blow.

The Cavenarian Apprentice Soldiers, once firing their squeizo electric guns, and startling them momentarily, they learned how to wrestle opponents to the ground, jam and pin their opponents with shields, before delivering the ultimate stunning electrically charged contact with their swords or spears. They developed outstanding technique and were well prepared for onslaught.

Major Forcitude and Sergeant Willison were well rewarded for their efforts. Their charges had become cunning, sharp and scheming. The Shamoshelimyticleletite had injected all his mighty power into the Little people and into theroles they now needed to play. They had served their apprenticeship well.

Major Forcitude needed to collaborate with General Gallisum of the Pettapede Army. They had the special powers of invisibility and this would indeed fit into the plans of the invasion of Thorsotania very nicely. The goal was to capture the iron Dictator Ebuke, marching him back to Cavenarea and stripping him of his power.

At present Ebuke thought he had the upper hand knowing that the Lovely People of Cavenarea and the Amorite Government were totally defenceless. He thought that once his Warriors had stepped over the Cavenarea threshold the land of Cavenarea would be conquered and become under his rule.

Together with the High Minister and his Parliament — the MAPS, and with both Major Forcitude and General Gallisum, brainstormed their ideas and formulate a very concise plan of action. They called up the Messengers — the Teleleggit’s — asking them to speedily deliver notices that would summon the People of the land to the Citadel the next day. They would make their important announcement.

With much fervour the Little People, the Amorites, left their toils and congregated. The continuing burning pit fires tinged the atmosphere, the colour enshrouding excited crowd. Excitement and buzz filtered through the hundreds that spread over the apron in front of the Citadel, and way and beyond to distant fields. Within their bones they felt the drama that was to unfold.

Eddie and Ollie remained close to the Forest Creatures who had taken their positions early on. The barking of the Humdingers, the plummeting of the Albitrocioussii, the nipping of the Snackdors soon had the impatient citizens in order.

High Minister Takute eventually made his appearance accompanied by his retinue. The General and Major followed closely as they descended the steps. Takute wanted to be close to the people. He was handed the important documents from the leader of his Parliament, and silencing the crowd with his hand, gave a small cough to clear his throat and proceeded to read in his clear concise manner.

He wanted to share every single detail to the loyal and hard working population who had showed their allegiance, and to whom the Government owed recognition and salutation. There was silence as his booming voice rung out to the crowd.

“In four sleeps the invasion of Thorsotania will begin. They must reach the colourless land before Ebuke and his troops had the chance to emerge into Cavenarea.”

He announced that the plans and forthcoming actions of the Pettapede Army and the Cavenarian Army were signed, and agreed, and that all responsibilities of attack were now handed over to Major Forcitude, Sergeant Willison and General Gallisum.

“The population will see the Army’s’ set out and begin their march in regimental style, early sun up, after four sleeps. The remaining population must continue with their toils for battle.”
Loud cheers and applause followed the presentation of High Minister Takute. There was much darting around and a little wildness, but the Forest Creatures were on patrol and soon the fever subsided. Duty called and the folk eventually wandered off back to their bases and continued their big business of manufacturing for the tasks in hand.

General Takute had ordered a roundup of hundred or so volunteer soldier Aides. They would be carrying coils of extra rope, and work began on these. Also producing plentiful supplies of containers made from animals’ skins, and filling up with water, rice and beans to keep the marchers nourished.

The four sleeps passed by quickly. The industrious people downed tools and made for the Citadel. As far as the eye could see from the boundaries of the Citadel, there was a sea of Amorites all wearing yellow scarves as a sign of respect. Not a hairs breadth between them.

The High Minister Takute and Amorite Government were assembled on the steps. All looking resplendent in their white and black robes of authority which were edged in red. Their yellow beret’s perched at identical angles upon their heads.

Headed by General Gallisum the Pettapede Army had also amassed at the base of the steps, standing at ease. Major Forcitude was behind them and all were awaiting the approach and arrival of the Cavenarian Army led by Drill Master Sergeant Willison.

Soon they were to hear the marching sounds of the troop. Left right, left right, left right. Sergeant Willison came into view. He marched and positioned his Troops behind the Major and ordered them to stand at ease.

They were a wondrous sight, proudly wearing yellow shirts over which were hide tunics reaching down between their knees and leather sandals. Highly polished breast plates and helmets adorned them and so too were the circular shields held in front placed just to one side. Swords and coils of thick rope hung at their sides whilst spears were held with aplomb, pointing upwards and slightly forwards. The Soldiers looked confident and poised. They were eager to get on with their mission.

Sergeant Willison in a dark brown well projected voice commanded attention and the Soldiers immediately stood upright and bold. General Gallisum instructed them all to begin marching and so they did. Left right, left right, left right.

The crowds cheered and applauded them, waving their arms as they watched the Army proceed with the Pettapede Army leading the way. They marched away around the headland and soon were on the way to Thorsotania. They had a long route ahead which would last for twenty eight sleeps.

Following the procession were the Soldier Aides. They dragged wooden sledges piled high with rope and provisions. They were following the Forest Creatures. Many Amorites pursued them for part of the way before returning to their toils for battle.

Eddie and Ollie were drawn into the thick of it all and joined up with the Creatures feeling safe and secure under their guidance. Major Forcitude’s aim was to be nearing Ebuke’s territory in less than twenty eight sleeps.

They crossed the rugged landscape, the trees with silver leaves fluttering in the breeze bowed low as they passed. The Pettapedes walked confidently on. The remaining troop confident in their leadership, knew they would safely be led to their destination. There were no more the guiding rays of light from their great protector the Shamoshelimyticleletite.

Following instinct on they marched, not faltering in step. All signs of fatigue avoiding them. Cavenarian Special Forces Army looked supreme as they accurately kept in step.

There was pulling and tugging of the sledges. The Forest Creatures helping. They dragged, pushed and lifted. They were also double checking, alerted for untoward presence and happenings. They were prepared to pounce, snap, nip and swoop and crush if necessary. The Forest Creatures remained sharp witted throughout.

Eventually, after twenty six sleeps and just before moonlight was to give way to sun up, the Pettapedes spotted the black irregular outlines of the hills and mountains in the distance. They had made good time. This was the signal they were nearing the access that led the way into Thorsotania. The troops proceeded with caution. The Creatures watched vigilantly.
The Pettapedes had done well. They hadn’t the guidance from the great Protector as last time. There were no beams of directive lights. Their skills of navigation were excellent.

The troops marched on until suddenly General Gallisum raised his hand. The Drill Master Sergeant Willison halted his troop. They stamped to attention. The invasion was about to begin. General Gallisum and the Pettapedes broke away looking for the ingress that would take them through the rocks and into the tunnels leading to the Land of the Thorsotates.

The General returned and indicated the way. They followed, by which time the Pettapedes had ground their teeth and rendered themselves invisible. Gallisum checked the troop through the ingress, then he himself made sure he was well camouflaged and unseen.

The two hundred soldiers had fallen into two abreast eventually to fall into single line. They entered the tunnel. The special forces had begun their invasion. The Soldiers Aides, The Forest Creatures and the boys remained at the entrance, keeping guard.

The Snackdors, due to their speed, and their low and strong lithe bodies had been chosen to bear the loads of the provisions. They were to manipulate the tunnels to a delivery point inside. Back and forth they would go, and with their slightly mischievous natures would lighten their mission, including the atmosphere generally. The One Corns would help them on their way. The larger Forest Creatures would be standing by.

Eddie and Ollie were nervous and felt on edge. They hoped their mission would be achieved. They too would like to see the tyrant Ebuke defeated but knew the many obstacles that had to be overcome. Most of all they worriedfor the lives of the soldiers.

They shuddered and became aware of a swaying feeling. They felt weight bear down upon them. A warmth built up around them as they were brought back into their real world. It was dear Judas, his warm breath on their faces, with hands resting on their shoulders gently shaking them.

The boys blinked hard as Judas one by one helped them to their feet. They realized it was time to leave. They struggled to find a clear head. Their minds were foggy, still influenced by their presence in the dark black tunnels under the hills. Old Judas embraced them and said he’d see them next day.

Reluctantly they slowly departed leaving Old Judas to think through the next chain of events. He held onto hope…he knew precisely what would happen next. He gave a shiver.



Dictator Ebuke announces the start of invasion of Cavenarea

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