Operation Battle Begins. Cavenarian Soldiers advance into the tunnels

Operation battle begins

Chapter 19

Operation Battle Begins

The boys were with Old Judas Hugglebottom bright and early the next day. They had seen how tired and drawn he was the previous day and were anxious to find out whether he had rested well.

They needn’t have worried. He had been up and about since sunrise and had taken himself a walk through the woods to gather more kindling. He was boiling his old kettle to prepare a hot drink from the plants around. He offered the boys some but…each one not being as such with nature they politely declined! Old Judas understood.

Eddie and Ollie sat themselves on the grassy mound, tucking their knees under their chins just waiting waiting waiting for Old Judas to reveal the army’s next moves to defend their land and their people.

The old man slowly made his way to the rickety chair, threw one leg over the other and sipping his herbal drink…he began.

“General Gallisum and sergeant Willison brainstormed and deliberated. Action was urgent. There was no time to lose.

The Cavenarian army had rested physically and feasted on rice, beans and water. The Pettapedes had retraced and led a group of Snackdors back to the resting point. With great stability these strong creatures had steadily dragged sleds with the containers of food and water and delivered them near the soldiers resting point. The Snackdors then retreated, along with the sleds.

Emotionally the brave troops were fired up to for action. Their leaders had decided that troops would be divided. Soldiers Aides would be stationed inside and outside the tunnel at the Cavenarian entrance. The larger Forest Creatures would hover around in waiting nearby. The remaining Soldiers Aides would be placed over the threshold into Cavenarea

A small band of the Cavenarian Army would remain where they are, and the remaining platoon would follow sergeant Willison to an ambush point nearing the Thorsotanian end of the dark foreboding tunnels, eerily to become flooded with the green cloudiness which would envelope them.

The Leaders had debated thoroughly following General Gallisum’s description of Ebuke’s regular marching Watch Guards inside the tunnels. Sergeant Willison knew that this threatening cluster of troops would have to be overcome. The Snackdors would conceal themselves at various intervals inside the tunnels and be ready to pounce, nip, pull, tug and drag when necessary.

The aim would be to besiege the Thorsotate Watch Guards like a thunderbolt. They would be stupefied and confounded. They would have to be prepared for a chaotic situation and furore arising. The Leaders would have to ensure that the Cavenarian troops were primed…ready in body with plenty of automatic action.

General Gallisum ensured that the Pettapede Army were acquainted and well informed of the procedure they must follow. In their invisible state they will collect at the tunnel point where the Watch Guards carried out their drill. They would lurk and be alerted to the inevitable outburst of action that would result. They would way-lay the enemy and disturb their order, upsetting the Watch Guards equilibrium by tripping and tossing them about. This would give fighting chance for the Cavenarian soldiers to attack and capture.

The Cavenarian soldiers would stragetically place themselves close by and be ready to stun and zap with swords and sqeizo guns. The soldiers further inside the tunnel would be ready to accost.

They’d jump out from behind the black craggy ingresses electronically stunning any of Ebuke’s Watch Guards that may escape the initial onslaught. Together with the Soldiers Aides they will strip them of their battle arms and bind all limbs together. They will be piled onto sleds and with the assistance of the Snackdors. More Cavenarian soldiers will be ready to zap in instances of consciousness returning. Ebuke’s Watch Guards will be dragged through the dark labyrinths towards the Forest Creatures and the hundreds of further Aides. The Little People of  Cavenarea will be prepared and waiting. The stunned Thorsotanian soldiers will be seized and imprisoned into their land.
This was the first stage of the plan.”

Eddie and Ollie who had been drawn into the thick of the atmosphere, were nervous but excited. They were inside the dark suffocating tunnels. The boys understood the circumstances and gambling nature of the plans and felt scared of the possibility that the undertaking of the tactics may result in chaos. 

In panic they raced towards the entrance which would take them back to the security of the Forest Creatures. They cried out as they felt they were being hunted down. Their legs couldn’t take the pace and eventually felt possessed. At that moment a strange calmness overtook them. Of course!
They were back with Old Judas. Their dear friend was quietly signalling them back into their world once again. They were immediately comforted by the warmth and deep purple glowing eyes. The boys hadn’t budged from their grassy mound from start to finish, they had simply been carried away by Old Judas’s vivid storytelling.

“What next Old Judas?” they’d asked. The old man explained all three of them needed a good sleep and the next day would come soon enough. Eddie and Ollie were greedy for more. Their appetite was so strong they felt they couldn’t wait, but… an unexplained inner strength enveloped them. They would wait. The boys wished Old Judas a very good night and ran all the way home.

Waving them off, Old Judas went about his business, returning to his own natural comforts and lifestyle.



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