Go Go Go Charge! the ultimate command from General Gallisum

Go go go CHARGE…

Chapter 20
Go Go Go CHARGE!… commands General Gallisum

What a night the boys had. Broken sleep, tossing and turning and several visits to the kitchen to make a warm drink. Their minds were whirling around. A mix of trepidation and excitement coupled with tremendous urge to get back to Old Judas.

Tea, juice, cereal, toast dispatched in seconds, they threw on their clothes and dashed out of the house. Across into the woods they flew and hot footed over the stiles, sprinting deep into the woods and at last reached their destination, the old clay shack of Old Judas’s world.

The boys panted and gasped for air and threw themselves onto the grassy mound. Old Judas sauntered towards them as if he had all the time in the world. Eddie and Ollie clamoured for what he was about to tell them next.

Old Judas was used to his passive life and teased them slightly…but never without that twinkle set in his beautiful deep purple eyes. They seemed to glow more powerfully that morning and when he began, they positively dazzled.

“The Forest Creatures and Soldiers Aides, together with the Little People, had received instructions to build a temporary depot and pound from all the wood and rock they could find. They worked laboriously through sun up and sun down.

The Forest Creatures with their stature and strength could easily help split, pile and build up large boulders of rock. The Beastingbellingers and the Humdinger Black Dogs used the OneCorns to divide and size up the rock, and found no difficulty in
shaping it to manoeuvre one on top of the other. The Grininobles arms did well to carry the boulders helped by the Pigboys

The Little People and Aides added security measures to pen in the captives from Ebuke’s dark and sober land. No-one stood idle. They were ready.

General Gallisum and Sergeant Willison conferred and made an announcement. The attack will begin during the next Watch Guard march through the tunnels. Silently the platoon positioned themselves and tried to settle. They had become fidgety with hunger for action. Battle arms had been checked, and with mental agility had rehearsed the basic sequence of action. Nerves of steel had conquered any fear of the unknown. Hearts were pounding and lashing out under their breast plates.

There was not a sound. The quietude was drowning and stifling. It was almost as if an iron curtain had been drawn across the rugged tunnels. They peered through and scrutinised the sickly green haze. The Pettapedes with exceptional night vision scoured the emptiness, with Prime Pettapede ready to signal the leaders of any detected development.

They waited, waited and waited during the hushed atmosphere. The swirling green mist threatened. Without warning, a distant muffled clanging could be heard. The Pettapedes and soldiers became alerted. Hearts started thumping as an extraordinary excitement grew amongst them. Under Major Willison’s command they remained tight lipped. Not a sound or movement must they make.

The clanging became closer. Not yet could anything be seen through the grim overhanging haze. Eventually the clanking developed into a clatter. The Cavenarian could feel vibrations under their feet.

Shwish shwish, Shwish shwish; Left right, Left right.

The Cavenarian Army were instructed by their Major to be prepared, pounce, raid and plummet into the opposition.

All eyes were scrutinising the film of green. The obscurity began to break. Outlines of soldiers slowly became visible. As expected Ebuke’s Watch Guards were practising their daily drill.

The Pettapedes were bracing themselves. The soldiers were energising their inner beings. Tensing muscles and grasping zappers they had to get through this wall of troupers. The Thorsotate soldiers, unaware, would be startled before the Cavenarian could advance out from the tunnels.

The Shwish shwish; Shwish shwish became louder. The Pettapede Army and the Cavenarian soldiers were intently looking towards General Gallisum awaiting the vital signal to start the attack.

He in turn was apprehensive. General Gallisum needed great foresight to contemplate when the time was right. With bated breath, he raised his arm…being watchful. The regular beat of marching footsteps were almost on top of the awaiting attackers. The green murky haze began to divide and the outlines of the leading Thorsotate soldiers began to emerge.

General Gallisum knew his battalion of troops were ready and with a swift swipe down of his arm, he gave the signal for the attack to begin.

The boys were deep into their imagination listening to the words of Old Judas. Old Judas suddenly became very weary and exhausted. He began stumbling mid sentence and was in much need of a rest. He was conscious that the boys should be rested too.

Eddie and Ollie were awaiting the Pettapedes to advance but were confused that there was hesitancy. They cried out aloud, “go on go on go on.” They were jumping about and waving their arms. They felt a firm grip at their wrists. For a moment they thought they had been seized but almost as quickly, the thought melted away and they felt a calm. They heard a soft but gruff voice calling their names. Of course, it was their very dear and trusted friend Old Judas. “Enough, enough” were the words they heard. It was time to go home.
Eddie and Ollie composed themselves and knew no amount of pleading would entice him to tell more. Old Judas although old and worn had a sensible head on his shoulders.

They both stood up and embraced their friend. They calculated how many more days holiday they had left and hoped there would be enough time for Old Judas to finish his great story. The old man smiled and nodded. With that the boys reluctantly were on their way. He gave a huge yawn and tottered over to his worn tartan rug. He laid down, curled himself up, the exhausted Old Judas went out like a light.



Battle begins – the Cavenarian Soldiers take Ebuke’s Watch Guards by surprise


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