War of the Enemy begins.The Cavenarian Army Charge into Attack.

War of the enemy begins. The Cavenarian Army Charge into Ebuke’s Watch Guards


Chapter 21
The Cavenarian Army Charge into Attack

The boys wasted no time getting back to Old Judas the next morning. Perching themselves on the grassy mound that had become their seat of adventure and escape, they looked at Old Judas. His piercing but beautiful eyes were filled with emotion. He was about to relate the next instalment of his wondrous tale. He wouldn’t keep Eddie and Ollie waiting any longer.

“The moment General Gallisum gave the signal, the Pettapede army sprang into action. Rendered invisible they swiftly moved forwards and interwove themselves between the marching limbs of Ebuke’s Watch Guards. They slithered and slid, flipping their tails, and tossed the astounded Guards off track. The Guards were confused and agitated as this unknown force was causing havoc to the marching troop.

Bodies tripped left and right and were projected upwards striking the roof of the tunnel, bouncing back down again and falling onto each other. Falling and stumbling the Watch Guards were utterly spooked and shaken up.

The Cavenarian Soldiers were down on them before they had time to gather themselves. As the deftly handled Sqeizo guns and Zapper swords came into contact with the armour, there were sounds of ear piercing cracking echoing through the tunnels together with flashes of blinding light as one by one the Watch guards were stunned and stupefied.

The Cavenarian Soldier Aides were following closely behind rushing to help the army as Ebuke’s Guards were felled. With coils and coils of rope they stood over the stupefied Guards. Battle arms were removed and on rolling them to face down, feet were tied, and arms tied behind their backs.

As the Pettapede Army and Cavenarian soldiers continued down the line of Guards.
Sounds of perplexed yelping, crying and squealing echoed down the tunnel as the Watch Guards were tripped and zapped in all directions. The Soldier Aides ensured the Guards final state was total helplessness. The scene was a mass of floored Ebuke’s Watch Guards.

Teams of more Aides carting sleds through the tunnels which were piled with unconscious Guards. They were dragged towards the entrance to the tunnels where crowds of Amorites were at the ready to cart them towards the temporary pound that they had created.

It was hard and heavy work. The Forest Creatures were in force to drag, carry and deposit. The Grininobles and Pigboys used their enormous strength to cart the sleds of immobile bodies to the site of captivity, whilst the Beastingbellingers stood at the entrance to give a good start to the procedure.

The Amorite Little People were on hand to deliver water and rice in the inevitability of Ebuke’s Watch Guards returning to consciousness. They were secure in the knowledge that more Soldier Aides were close at hand. They too were dab handed with the zapper and swords if trouble arose.

Meanwhile the commotion continued within the tunnels. The Cavenarian soldiers and Soldier Aides, were one by one hastily debilitating Ebuke’s Watch Guards. The noise was not just within the confines of the tunnels. It could be heard from afar.

Ebuke’s Warriors in the blockhouse picked up hints of unrest from the hills. They sensed bother. Under their Commander-in-Chief they prepared for investigation. Word was sent to their iron Dictator Ebuke who at the time was resting in his Castle. He was tired. He had been smugly immersing himself into long hours and sunup’s with plans and preparations for the imminent capture of Cavenarea which will become under his rule.

Ebuke somewhat caught off guard with this news of unrest ordered the delving into the situation immediately. Ebuke’s Warriors were instructed to don battledress and carry battle arms. They were regimented out onto the drilling square and formed into usual marching lines. The Commander -in-Chief gave a period of drill practice after which and they immediately set foot towards the hills where the faint sounds of disturbance was heard.

As they approached the ingress the noise of confusion became louder and louder. They stepped up their march and were staggered and shaken with what confronted them. They were shocked to disbelief. It wasn’t long before the Pettapede Army set to work on them.

The Cavenarian Army by this time were working their way towards the Thorsotate entrance. They rushed forwards with their Zapper swords and Sqeizo guns probing and stupefying the Warriors. They in turn, unless upended by the mysterious powers that were throwing, hurling and flinging them around, and jolting them into oblivion by the split second bedazzling white light, tried to empower the Cavenarian Army. Lunging their spears, they desperately fought but the Pettapedes did their best and they were at the mercy of being stricken down.

The battlefield was a sea of hundreds of soldiers felled into unconsciousness. The Cavenarian Soldier Aides were removing battle weapons, tying up, heaving, pulling and loading.
They discovered Cavenarian casualties amongst those struck down. They were carefully removed to one side and watched over whilst allowing them to recover.
The Grininobles and Pigboys were small enough to enter the tunnels and had ventured through into the grim green world of Thorsotania. Their humongous strength indeed was an asset. Meanwhile the Beastingbellingers, Snackdors and Humdinger black dogs had begun to eat away the entrance to the tunnels, and by chipping away at the walls were able to widen the access.

The Albitrocioussii flew high over the high mountains encountering a cold grey mist turning into a thick green murky haze. They swarmed through the eerie curtain and surveyed the scene. …

Eddie and Ollie were afraid. Where was the iron Dictator? A huge face loomed before them. Huge teeth emerged through a smirk. They were terrified. They reeled back and then…the face melted into one with tender expression. The signals received were those of kindness. The ends of the familiar yellow and purple scarf were dangling before them giving an odd tickle now and again.

They felt safe with Old Judas. They looked up into his moistened eyes. Was he
crying? They stood and wound their arms around his thin waist. He patted them on the head. Judas didn’t want them to go, but he knew they must. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

He pointed to the opening and waved them through into the woods. “Same time tomorrow then.” Eddie and Ollie squealed in anticipation. They would be here.



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Ebuke’s Warriors are tipped and tossed

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