Combat in full force. The Warriors are tipped and tossed

Combat in full force

Chapter 22

Some of Ebuke’s Warriors are captured

He seemed excited and stirred yet at the same time delivered his words in laid back fashion. The boys were puzzled but whatever, they were hungry to hear more. Uppermost in their minds was the fearful cruel Dictator Ebuke of Thorsotania. Where was he? What would happen to the Thorsotate citizens over whom he governed.

They shuddered thinking of their regimented lives. No colour, no relaxation within their dark “grey” days.

“The Cavenarian soldiers and Pettapede Army were attacking the enemy with vengeance. Startled screaming pierced the cold black hills. The cries bounced back from the mountains. The Warriors were tripped, tossed, turned, thrown and flung as the Pettapedes whipped their tails unknowingly, and weaved in and out of the legs of the Thorsotate Army. Overwhelmed by the unknown, fear engulfed them

Ringing roaring snapping could be heard as the Zapper swords went into the attack.

Through the green murky haze bright flashes of light bedazzled and startled the Thorsotate soldiers as the squeizo guns went into action. Popping sounds, deafening and intense resounded through the dark valleys.

Stupefied sleeping bodies were laying everywhere. The hundreds or so Soldier Aides were working laboriously, unarming the Warriors and trussing arms and legs ensuring there could be no escape. The Albitrocioussii were sweeping over them checking for any signs of disturbance and were there to alert sergeant Willison who would command his Army to deal with them swiftly.

Sleds, seemingly hundreds of them were piled with the comatosed Warriors. They were hauled to the tunnel entrance and dragged through by Soldier Aides and Forest Creatures. The strong grasping claws of the Albitrocioussii lifted them from the ground and carried them towards the opening under the hills.

Helped by the powerful Snackdors and Pigboys, more Soldier Aides were at the ready to cart the bodies through the tunnels back through to the once colourful peaceful Cavenarea. Without their beloved Shamoshelimyticleletite the land was almost as lifeless and grey as the land Ebuke ruled.

The Amorite Little People had congregated in mass to help guard over them as they were transported and held within the temporary pound.

“The Forest Creatures and Soldiers Aides, together with the Little People had previously received instructions to build a temporary depot and pound from all the wood and rock they could find.

They worked laboriously through sun up and sun down. The Forest Creatures with their stature and strength could easily help split, pile and build up large boulders of rock. The Beastingbellers and the Humdinger Black Dogs used the One Corns to divide and size up the rock and found no difficulty in shaping it to manoeuvre one on top of the other. The Grininobles arms did well to carry the boulders helped by the Pigboys”

On recovering from their stupefied state, the Little People served rice and beans grown in their very own fields, and poured water from hide water holders, made with their very own hands.

As the Cavenarian soldiers fought on a Platoon of Soldiers Aides were never far away. General Gallisum had ordered sergeant Willison to separate soldiers to form an extra battalion. Dictator Ebuke needed to be hunted down and captured. Despite the bedlam within the valleys there had been no sign of him.

The Thorsotate people had remained inside their cave dwellings in terror. The sounds of battle had shocked and almost paralyzed them with fear. They didn’t know what was going on. Where was their Dictator in all of this commotion…or had he been amongst them?

But no… had he been part of it they would have been rounded up and exposed to terror of battle,

The crying sounds kept them hidden away fearing for their own lives if ever they crossed the line by showing themselves to be less than loyal and faithful to their ruler. They were scared and very agitated. Distressed cries could be heard.

The Pettapede Army continued to weave in and out the scrambling Warriors. Upturning them and ready for rewarding them with the inevitable – the stun gun.

The second Platoon now spread out from the main troops, was headed by sergeant Willison. He was obeying orders from General Gallisum.

They were to advance around a blackened foreboding headland. From previous investigations he remembered that Ebuke’s residence was in the direction of the mountainous terrain that lay in the distance. The fortress was high above the rocky land.

They marched onwards with Soldier Aides stepping in time behind. Not far behind were a second group of Pettapedes. They surely must be needing a rest. It took tremendous energy to keep their invisibility going. Without it they would become discoverable. This must never happen. Sergeant Willison called them to attention. Immediately the marching ceased. He commanded the troops to stand at ease. The gulley’s and rocks were almost welcome as safe havens in which to rest. The eerie green of the haze hung over them and engulfing as if about to swallow them up.

Pairs of Night Guards were delegated for watch duty during sun down, except there was never any sun, each interchanging with others at intervals. The men who were not on duty collapsed onto the ground and fell into deep sleep. The Pettapedes were able to rejuvenate by recharging their energy…but only just in time. With energy sapped, they would become visible.Albitrocioussii were encircling above, eyes penetrating through the haze not just keeping them company but protecting them too.


The Land was amass with fallen Warriors

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