Honey Making Assignment for the Cavenarian Little Housewives.

Honey making begins on the instructions of  Head Minister Takute


Chapter 24

Plans for tracking down Dictator Ebuke

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The boys galloped through the woods at lightning speed to get back to Old Judas to hear invasion plans and capture of Ebuke. The old man was awaiting them and offered them some “Old Tea” made fresh from the plants and herbs found around. The boys were not used to wild drinking and eating but hadn’t the heart to decline. They sat themselves down on their special grassy mound and Old Judas began.

The second battalion – Battalion Two – by now had spread out from the main troops. Sergeant Willison was left in charge. He took his orders from Major Forcitude who continued to head the army in combat with Ebuke’s Warriors. He led the exercise of capturing the enemy soldiers, and Drill Soldiers around the tunnels, aided by the exemplary brigade of Pettapedes. Soldier Aids, Forest Creatures, and Squirrelmates also were a mighty force behind the exercise.

Little People continued the weapon and armour- making within their grey industrialised Cavenaria with determination. They took on domestic duties and working in the fields, with duties near the Cavenarian end of the tunnels, looking after the captured enemy within the block house and pound.

Battalion Two accompanied by a second brigade of Pettapedes and led by General Gallisum were to advance around a blackened foreboding headland. From previous investigations the General remembered that Ebuke’s residence was in the direction of the mountainous terrain that lay in the distance. The fortress was high above the rocky land. They marched onwards stepping in time. Not far behind were the second army of Pettapedes. They surely must be needing a rest. It took tremendous energy to keep their invisibility going. Without it they would become as large as life. This must never happen.

Gallisum called them to attention. Immediately the marching ceased. He commanded the troops to stand at ease. The gulley’s and rocks were welcome safe havens in which to rest. The eerie green haze hung over them. It was engulfing as if about to swallow them up.

Teams of Night Guards were delegated for watch duty during sun down, except of course there was never any sun. They each interchanged with others at intervals. The men who were not on duty collapsed onto the ground and fell into deep sleep. The Pettapedes were able to rejuvenate by recharging their energy…but only just in time. With energy sapped, they would become visible.

Albitrocioussii were encircling above, eyes penetrating through the haze, not just keeping them company but protecting them too. Whilst physical rest was sought, General Gallisum was preparing for the most hazardous part of the battle. Approaching the rampart.

The troops and his Pettapedes army were resting, General Gallisum was re vising his mastermind strategy. He was visualising plans of how the troops would approach the rampart and climb over the apron wall of the castle. Then, the precarious invasion of the fortress and hunting down the Iron Duke Ebuke himself. His plan of action became a powerhouse and had to be made for when the army advanced towards the forboding fortress on the horizon. The Cavenarian army had to be prepared for any encounters with Ebukes warriors. Somehow, the advance towards the menacing rampart had to be disguised. The eerie green shrouded vista would help.

There were perilous defensive towers, curtain walls, arrow looped portcullis which had to be intersected. The arrow loop hole slits set into the thick walls of the gatehouse and guardrooms were aligned to give the best wide view of possible advancing attackers. The menacing projections of stone drop boxes projecting from the castle walls were treacherous – lethal substances, missiles, boiling water or oil, could be dropped through. The Cavenarian Army could be shocked and attacked before they had time to counterattack.

Without any doubt Ebuke’s eagle eyed guards would be at the ready, sun up, sun down, assigned at every point of the fortress.

General Gallisum calls for the Shamoshiggins. With all this in mind, they must deliver a message to Takute of his intentions. At breakneck speed their nimble body’s bypassed the capturing and other going’s-on within the tunnels and reached the other end. Waiting was an Albitrocioussii and… using his massive claws lifted Chief Shamoshiggins gently. Without further ado the messenger was transported to the Cavenarian Citadel.

Head Minister Takute received General Gallisum’s urgent plan,and granted permission for a mass workforce to be divided into two teams of Little People to venture into the forests to search for, and collect raw honey. Also to amass huge collections of lemon grass stalks. These were to be crushed and boiled in olive oil of which the Little People had plenty in store from pickings from the olive tree groves. This was during the time when they were guided under the powers of their beloved Shamoshelimyticleletite who emitted beauty and colour. Cavenarea then was peaceful and bountiful.

With help from the Forest Creatures, honeycombs were located within the dense forests. They wound cloth around their faces, and bound hands, feet and legs to protect themselves from the bees. From each signal given by the flying forest creatures the trees were climbed. The Cavenarians were equipped with buckets attached by ropes around their waists. They entered between the thick branches. They also carried sheaths of smoking foliage to divert the bees away from their nests.

Seen was great steadiness and skill. They reached down to the underside of the branches and carefully cut away the honeycombs using a wooden slice. The chunks were dropped into the buckets and lowered to the ground. The Cavenarian housewives were awaiting to rapidly wrap the pieces of honeycomb in cloth, which were knotted at the top. The liquid honey was squeezed from the combs. The remains being saved as bee’s wax used for protective coating or polish.  Honey making was in full force.

This action was repeated over and over again, and wide areas of the forest became a hive of honey making and lemon grass stalks collection. An ongoing mission saw army’s of Little People working sun ups.
During sun downs the honey liquid, and lemon grass oil were poured into separate wooden barrels. These were carted by the Humdingers towards the opening of the tunnels that led into the labrynth of winding dark channels towards the dark grey green dismal land of Thorsotania.

They passed by the construction of the new Keep, which will be filled with Ebukes stunned Warriors Drill Soldiers and Watch Guards. Cavenarian Little People were in attendance when necessary. Night guards were at their stations, and swarms of Albitrocioussii encircled above, keeping watch.

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Eddie and Ollie in the dark caves and tunnels were feeling curious and intrigued. What on earth were General Gallisum’s motives?  Honey making?
The new team recruits, the Squirrelmates were tirelessly running through the tunnels armed with rope. They were efficiently aiding capture of the Warrior’s, and helping with the disarming of them.

Eddie and Ollie were stepping over the sleds laden with zapped Warriors and Watch Guards lying face down, who had once marched and guarded the entrance to Thorsotania. The Humdingers and Snackdors hauled them along, smartly engineering the twists and turns through the green stifling haze towards the fresher and clearer light out into Cavenaria. Stupefied and bound they were transferred into the hands of the Cavenarian Little People.

The boys were suddenly alerted. They smelled smoke filling the air. It became stronger and swirled around their nostrils. They couldn’t see. They stumbled along the thick grey wall along the tunnel. They panicked and were fearful that the Forest and all the creatures were in danger. They cried, making whimpering moans as the visions and fears ran through their minds. The smoke became stronger. They felt a crushing and burning sensation inside their chests. They coughed, they spluttered as they struggled to see where they were going. They tried to push away strange looking objects floating before their eyes.

Very gradually, realisation began creeping in. They were beginning to enter their own real world. Overwhelming assurance flooded through their bodies as the strange objects materialised and took the form of some old recognizable tinned mugs.

Mugs were filled with water and supported by wonderfully familiar gnarled hands. Behind… was a small kindling fire sending out warmth and comfort. Eddie and Ollie looked up. Judas was smiling down on them. He gently placed his roughened hands onto the boy’s foreheads as they sipped the water. The boys looked into the kind magnificent eyes of deep purple. They were telling them it was time to go home. Oh! how they wanted old Judas to continue with his story, but his shaking of the head told them it was not to be that day. Reluctantly they stood up and their dearest friend led them through his shabby doorway.

The boys had to be content until the next day. “Tomorrow” seemed sooner.

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