Time tells…from gloom to relief! Poor Bert was full of grief

Time tells

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Time Tells

Ezra was travelling home from work
When he met Bert so full of irk,
“What’s the matter my old mate?”
Bert answered gloomily, “I know my fate.”

“I’ve lost the wrist watch my missis gave me,
I’ve looked high and low and I can’t see
How she’ll forgive me, how she’ll forget,
I’ll be forever in her debt”.

“Come on,” says Ezra, “don’t give in,
Have you looked inside the bin?”
They searched everywhere and round about,
The watch was missing there was no doubt.

Next morning Ezra saw Bert’s face
Relief and gladness there was a trace.
The watch’d turned up! Bert gave him the gist,
He’d found it on his other wrist!


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©Anne Green Jessel
“I say I say I say” Anthology
Anchor Books 1995


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