Hard Climb. Bert and Ezra’s luck was in but… as luck would have it

Hard Climb


Hard Climb

Bert and Ezra’s luck was in,
They backed a horse who gave them a win.
Without delay they looked up a flight
And flew to Manhattan to see the sites.
Twenty floors up were their hotel rooms,
The views from the top were far from gloom.
Excited and breathless into the lift they teared,
To tour the “Big Apple” – no expense was spared.

Bert and Ezra returned foot weary
With aching limbs and eyes all bleary.
They groaned with pain and disbelief
To find the lifts had come to grief.
Bert said to Ezra,  “Come on let’s climb
Ezra answered “it’ll be a hard climb let’s take some time.
Up they started sure but slow,
And on the first landing Bert cried “I know!
We”ll each tell a tale when we reach each floor
To rest our legs before we climb some more.”

So this they did right to the top
When thank goodness they came to a stop.
Bert said to Ezra,  “I’ve got the best tale yet,
Are you already?  are you all set?”
Ezra nodded, smiled ready to agree,
Bert said ” it was a hard climb  – here goes then…I’ve lost the key!”


©Anne  Green Jessel”The Way You Tell’em” Anthology
Anchor Books 1995


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