Orchestra of Sound – Hallelujah for the world of music!

Orchestra of Sound

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Orchestra of Sound

Hallelujah! for the world of music,
It arouses and heightens sensation
With mixed rhythm and varying tempo,
And exciting syncopation.

Recitals and orchestral composition,
Concertos,  sonatas and strains,
Symphonies, cantatas and cavatinas,
Fugues, fantasias and refrains.

Songsters, soloists, duos and trios
Chanting perfect odes and serenades.
Pastorals, preludes so melodic,
Regimental marches for parades.

Airs, roundelays and arias
In beautiful harmony,
Nocturns, ballads and love ditties,
Chanty’s, sarabands and parody.

Joyful chorales, anthems and carols,
Incantations and sacred psalms.
Oratorios, paraphrases with descants,
Followed by a potpourri filled with charms.

Jazz, blues, boogie and rock,
Heavy beats fortissimo
With vibrations that move the earth,
Vocalists swell voices high and low.

A lilt and barcarole are enchanting,
With madrigal and etude,
Dancing to a dramatic bolero,
Music? it satisfies every mood!


©Anne Green Jessel
“Wax Lyrical ” Anthology
Arrival Press 1995


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