Cool Temptation. A moment I couldn’t resist. Delectable!

Cool Temptation

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Cool Temptation

With each excursion to the refrigerator
A vision began to haunt me.
Lonesome and luscious on a plate
Lay a delectable exquisite pastry.

The temptation was irresistible
I hastily slammed shut the door,
A lettuce awaited my attention
Whilst I chewed on my carrot raw.

With hesitation I took a backward step,
Returned from whence I came,
What a delicate thought,  all that richness,
But…I was strong and wouldn’t claim.

The door was opened slowly,
I glanced sideways at the sugary sight,
“Don’t give in” I panicked as I took out the tomatoes,
Smacking my lips at the gastronomical delight.

With untold strength the door banged shut
The next second it was opened wide,
I weakened at the delicious sight –
With my eating schedule it was about to collide.

I reached out deliberately and slowly,
Its wickedness beginning to take hold,
Suddenly with relish I attacked it,
Oozing cream as I tucked in so bold.

I’d succumbed to a very naughty craving,
And been seduced by an art of cuisine,
Calorie counting had soared high that day,
Giving way to a craved for dietary “dream”


©Anne Green Jessel
“Naughty but Nice” Anthology
Arrival Press 1995


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