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Jet Setter

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Jet Setter

I fly over the Atlantic, to where it’s romantic,
To Manhattan or the blue Carribean.
Barbados, New York, then straight back to Cork,
Then over the lovely Aegean.

The Moroccan sights are full of delights,
Not forgetting a trip to The Rock,
Back home for a while, then a trip up the Nile,
Then to Scotland to relax near a loch.

A Canadian trip with a definite tip
To visit during the Fall.
Up to Quebec and go for a treck,
Then fly back to Montreal.

Ottawa beckons, and everyone reckons
A Red Mounty will leave you in awe.
Jet back to Wales, up mountains down dales,
Snowdonia,  Black Mountains and folklore.

Back in Europe, after a vacation in Guadeloupe,
To Brussels,  Strasbourg and Paris.
Malta, Minorca, Ibiza, Majorca,
Then to Scotland and the Isle of Harris.

Arran’s Goatfell will cast a spell
To golfers, ramblers and hikers.
Then down to Australia and cuddle a Koala,
Join kangaroos, surfers and bikers.

I’m a jet setter,  I’m a go getter,
Enjoying sea, air and the countryside.
From John O’ Groats to Lands End, it’s always my trend
To see-saw between Britain and World wide.



©Anne Green Jessel
“Rolling Stone” Anthology
Arrival Press

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