Austral Wonders and their magnificance and heritage

Austral Wonders

Austral Wonders

Great Windsor Castle – the British Sovereign’s home,
Sprawling, monumental and grand,
Monarchial in Royal Berkshire,
The supreme heritage of our land.

Oxfordshire – the first seat of learning
Can be found full of antiquity,
With Gothic Towers,  quadrangles and cloisters
In prestigious Oxford, a magnificent City.

Dominating Old Hatfield, a coaching town
With Georgian architecture resplendent,
Is Hatfield House in Hertfordshire
A mansion imposing and transcendant.

Bedfordshire is privileged having Luton Hoo, with
Gardens eminently landscaped by Capability Brown,
Its greatness embraces collections of objects d’arte
And hosts a wealth of treasures, full of renown.

Aylesbury the County Town of Buckinghamshire,
Its name given to the surrounding Vale,
Encompassing unspoilt villages,  farmland and paradise,
Dairy farming, and exciting market days that prevail.

Grand houses, roman roads and military camps,
A great white horse calved higher than the towns,
Villages of grey and gold tinted stone,
Wychett and flintstone,  skirting the Berkshire Downs.

THis is a taste of the Home COunties
Through which the Thames meanders gently,
The beautiful Cotswolds, the chalked flecked Chilterns.
Since medieval times – cocooned in rich legacy.


©Anne Green Jessel
“Home Counties” Anthology
Poetry Now 1996

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