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In Love

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In Love

I look at him lovingly
My heart pounds away.
I need to be near him
Every minute of the day.

My senses are heightened
With colours vivid and bright,
I’m so glad I met him
Everthing’s perfect, everything is right.

His touch sends me reeling,
His eyes are tender and kind,
I cherish his lovely smile,
No other could I find.

His voice is like music,
So resonant and deep,
I dote on his loving words
Forever I shall keep.

Eternal is my love
So strong and so pure.
For this suitor of great strength
Anything I’ll endure.

I feel totally complete
In this love so true,
With intensity of passion
That glows all the way through.

I’m so full of devotion
I cannot bear to be apart,
From my gallant so adorable,
Who is nestled deep in my heart.


©Anne Green Jessel
Poetry Now 1995


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