Love has a language of its own. Those that have it are truly blessed



It as a language of its own,
If offers companionship, you’re never alone
Its value, is priceless, a wondrous thing,
Each day you walk on air and want to sing.

It offers a life of sharing every day,
It opens up many doors and leads the way.
You’re vibrant and happy,  tears can come too,
There’s everlasting sincerity  in all that you do.

You long fr a togetherness that will last forever,
With ongoing feelings that will never sever.
Its a vehicle of strength through any bad day
And ensures special closeness on the way.

It lifts up spirits the spirits when things get tough,
It offers hope just when you’ve had enough.
You vow to keep trying linked arm in arm,
It encases two hearts and keeps the calm.

It represents loyalty all the way through,
Overwhelming any difficulties happening to you,
Vivid are the memories that you’ve shared together,
With enduring strength beating stormy weather.

Lasting and cemented throughout the years,
Outstanding,  hopeful, and suppressing fears.
It’s virtuous and venerable and the all the things above,
Enchanting and special – be thankful for love.



©Anne Green Jessel
“Love is” Anthology
Poetry Now 1995

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