Ode to a Country Garden. A childhood magical memory

Ode to a Country Garden

Ode to a Country Garden

I was a very young child as I recall,
When I sat transfixed upon a dry stone wall.
There beneath me was a wondrous display,
A memory implanted to this very day.
Lupins so glorious amassed banks so steep,
A picture in my mind I will forever keep.
Awe struck with beauty bejewelled in the golden sun,
Tranquillity hovered over the sunken garden.
I marvelled for hours at the magnificent sight
Beneath the quaint cottage timbered black and white.
It was an enchanting spectacle before my eyes,
Ablaze with colour under the azure skies.
Whenever my parents took me out for a ride
Away from the chimneys into THAT countryside,
I’d walk straight to “my garden”  I’d adopted as my own
And gaze at its beauty – at peace – all alone.
I dreamed of “my garden” during dark winter nights,
I couldn’t wait to return to my found paradise.

Two years had passed by and along came June,
I thought of “my garden” – I’d be there soon.
I went over to sit upon the dry stone wall
But tears overflowed at the  sight that I saw.
The lupins had gone!, no colour was there,
It was weedy, neglected, ugly and bare.
The treasured memories I’d held were no longer real,
The heavy heart that I felt would never heal.
Despite all the comfort my parents gave to me,
I mourned “my garden” so desperately.
Years have gone by,  and “my garden’s”  still there
I’m happy and pleased it now receives constant care.
Although delightful and pretty, the special magic is missed
It’s present beauty will never be the same as when I was six.


©Anne Green Jessel
“Nature’s Voices” Anthology
Anchor Books 1995

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