Sanctuary found after four hours in pouring rain



I arrived in Mundesly after a four hour drive,
It was dark,  I was tired and cold.
I’d knowhere to go,  I hadn’t booked up,
Suddenly! “Whincliff” I’d spied, Cromer Road.

I got ut of the car in the pouring rain,
In the gloom found my way to the door,
A kind friendly dace opened it up to me
And pitied the forlorn sight that she saw.

She had a double room at the top of the house,
She invited me to cast my eye,
I had instant feelings of welcome and warmth,
Oh! definitely it would qualify.

Into the newly painted nook I went,
My eyes scanned the luxury,
To warm my bed was an electric blanket
Plus a tea tray and colour TV.

I took the keys with grateful thanks,
My journey had taken its toll,
I went straight for a soak in a nice hot bath,
Then to bed with the  remote control.

Slumber overtook me me feeling cosy and snug,
I awoke early, rested and happy,
I threw open the curtains to bright sunshine,
Glistening onto Norfolk’s vast cold North Sea.

Out of my room,  down to breakfast I went,
And feasted upon my largesse,
Then I packed my bag said “Thanks a million”
Forever that homely B & B I’d bless.


©Anne Green Jessel
“The Great Outdoors” Anthology
Arrival Press 1995


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