Special moment, the children are at last asleep! The night is still

 Special Moment

 Special Moment

The children at last! are fast asleep.
The night is still.
The church clock strikes midnight
Heard from over the distant hill.

There’s a hush in the house,
A snowflake flutters and rests on the window sill.
But inside – the embers are glowing.
There is no chill.

The parents are enjoying the solitude,
There’s no sound from the rooms above,
Busily surround by colourful paper
Wrapping their gifts and adding bows with love.

Mother and Father Christmas tiptoe up the stairs,
They store the exciting packages besides their beds,
They hold hands as they bend over their little angels
and gently kiss their sleeping heads.

Silently they close the door behind them,
A creeky floorboard disturbs the mystical air,
This magical moment they thank God for
For giving them the children they share.

Into the crisp night. Hark! the church bell strikes one,
The bright stars above herald a special dawning
Ringing over messages of peace, goodwill on earth
It’s the birth of our baby Jesus
It’s Christmas morning!

Happy Christmas to you all!


©Anne Green Jessel
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