Straight Down The Line

Straight down the line

Straight down the line

Right now I am bemused – not because I’m straight laced,
Right now I wish I was being embraced.
Right now I am in a muddle – not because I am bewildered,
Right now, I wish I was being shielded.
Right now I am besotted not because I am in love,
Right now, I wished I was a turtledove.
Right now , I am dopey, not because I have received a fix,
Right now, I wish I I could do high kicks.
Right now I am numbed, not because I am in shock,
Right now I wished I was dressed in my best frock.
Right now I am stunned, not because I have received a blow,
Right now, I wished everyone would go.
Right now I am and feel dull, not because I am not bright,
Right now, I wish you wouldn’t say it serves me right
“Ouch you know perfectly well it was that heck of a shindig party last night”
Right now “Ouch! please turn out the light.”

©Anne Jessel
” Plink Plonk Fizz” Anthology
Arrival Press 1995

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