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Fantasy Adventure – Magical Chapters. Mysterious, Enchanting.

Fantasy Adventure – Magical Chapters start the tale

Fantasy Adventure,  mysterious enchanting, slightly scary!


Fantasy Adventure = . Eddie and Ollie encounter Old Judas - Chapter 1 - image

Chapter 1 – “Ollie and Eddie’s Surprise Encounter!

Fantasy Adventure. An astonishing turn of events - Chapter 2 - image

Chapter 2 – “An Astonishing Turn of Events!”

Fantasy Adventure. The Citadel and Powgence Stone - Chapter 3 - image

Chapter 3 – “A Powerful Jewel Shines Over All”

FantasyAdventure. The MAPS have a responsibility - Chapter 4 - image

Chapter 4 – “The MAPS Have A Deeply Responsible Duty”

Fantasy Adventure - A Mighty Powerful Mission - Chapter 5 - image

Chapter 5- “A Mighty Powerful Magical Mission”

Fantasy Story. A risky scary mission - Chapter 6 - image

Chapter 6 – “A Risky Scary Investigation”

fantasy Adventure. Surprises in the tunnel - image
Chapter 7 – “Surprises in the Tunnel”

Fantasy adventure. The Thorsotates are worried - image
Chapter 8 – “The Thorsotate People are worried”

Fantasy Adventure. The Iron Duke Ebuke emerges Chapter 9 - image

Chapter 9  – “The Iron Duke and his Troops come to light” 

Fantasy Adventure. Ebuke reveals his plot - image

Chapter 10 – “The Pettapedes Learn of Ebuke’s Plot”


Adventure story. Heros welcome back to cavenarea - image
Chapter 11 – “Heros welcome awaits General Gallisum and Pettapedes”

Fantasy Adventure - forest creatures keep order - image
Chapter 12 – “Forest Creatures keep order after a heart rending decision”

Forces within the Little People - image

Chaper 13 – The Little People felt a fierce force within them

Call up for attack - image
Chapter 14 –   Battle Plans for attack

working the land - image
Chapter 15 –  Working the land in industrialised Cavenarea


battle plans. to conquer Dictator Ebuke - imageChapter 16-  Sergeant Willison and Major Forcitude lead the Armies


Marching thrugh the tunnels - image

Chapter 17
Marching through the tunnels preparing for attack


Chapter 18 – Decision Day for the invasion of Cavenarea

Operation battle begins
Chapter 19 – Operation Battle begins

Go go go CHARGE commands General Gallisum - image
Chapter 20 – Go Go Go CHARGE! the General’s ultimate command

war of the enemy - image
Chapter 21 – War of the Enemy begins

Combat in full force - image

Chapter 22 – Combat is in full force. The Warriors are tipped and tossed

Fantasy Adventure - Old Judas Hugglebottom - image

“What happens next?”  cried the boys. To continue…


Adventure was always in Eddie and Ollie’s mind. Soon…a surprise encounter